Kendall O’Donnell

My name is Kendall O’Donnell. I am twenty years old and am studying political science and English at the University of Western Ontario. I am passionate about poetry, politics and the environment. My favorite things are sunsets, dogs, and books. My hobbies include dancing, writing, and binge watching Netflix. I aspire to be an environmental lawyer and an author.

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Jasmine Healy

Hey there, my name is Jasmine Healy and I am currently an exhausted, grateful student living in downtown New York City next to the Brooklyn Bridge. Being born and raised in Honolulu, I have an endless affinity towards nature and wellness but have absorbed a cerebral fondness when it comes to theory and language and its orbiting counterparts. I love visiting galleries and museums in the city as well as attending picnics and speaking events with my peers. I frequent the Strand on Thursday/Friday nights after class (find me in the basement hiding out in the theory section). Friends and family say I am known to bring up skincare and bunnies in any conversation I am in, and I also dance to Depeche Mode on quiet Sunday nights with my lights low and windows open.


 Tereza Holatova

Just a girl from Central Europe who adores photography, writing, studying languages and roadtripping while listening to her favourite 70s bands. Avid horseback rider and chocolate consumer. Loves nothing more than waking up to the smell of coffee or freshly cut grass, ideally both at the same time.


Danielle Gorman

Hello everybody,

My name is Danielle Gorman and I am currently a freshman studying journalism at the University of Missouri (Mizzou-RAH). If you were to enter my dorm room, you’d easily to be able to tell who I am as a person: someone who loves reading, always has peanut butter and apple juice within reach, and someone who has an abundance amount of journals and personal diaries. I am constantly thinking up ideas and words in my head and I always need to write them down immediately. I was always bad at first introductions so here are the only things you need to know about me to be my friend: I’m a fairly shy person who has a lot to say, my favorite color is yellow, I live on social media, and I am so excited to be part of the Reef team!


Megan Munroe 

My name is Megan Munroe, and if you ask me where I’m from, I’ll either mumble something about being born in Canada or I will just say “a little bit of everywhere.” The truth is, I like to think I live a somewhat nomadic existence, living between coasts and countries; primarily Canada and the United States, but who knows what the future holds? This way of living has contributed to a bad case of hopeless romanticism; I choose to imagine everything as a movie, and this is reflected in practically everything I do, whether it be my strong interest in the way we dress, imagining and capturing the perfect photograph, or crafting the perfect soundtrack. Ever the eternal optimist, I try to see the beauty in everything and am always aiming to highlight that in my writing.


 Chiara Liane 

A current media and communication student who’s an avid daydreamer, creative and has a slight obsession with astrology. I live in Sydney, Australia, and will often be found dancing away at a music festival or sipping coffee at the beach with my bestie.


Columnist: La (Anna)Belle Vie

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Bonjour à tous… ♡

My full name is Annabelle Dubois but my friends call me Anna. In 2014 I started making my Instagram a visual journal of my adventures, outfits and travels. (@annabxlle) I love posting pictures as much as I love writing. It’s fascinating how people are able to express their emotions and thoughts through writing. Being able to share my ideas with all of you is actually incredible and I truly enjoy it. I started to keep a diary in January and it is honestly the best thing ever. I literally have no idea what I want to do as a career but the one thing I do know is that I want to travel and eventually find a place that brings me genuine joy so that I could call it my home. Life is filled with opportunities and I want to learn to take them, it is filled with moments of unexpected happiness and I want to learn to appreciate them, it is filled with times of sadness and I want to learn to accept them in order to move on. I have so much to learn and to see and I cannot wait to experience everything life has to offer but for now I am just laughing, crying, writing, posting and living my life as a teenager. I hope you enjoy my thoughts!

Je vous aime xo

Sarah Sutherland

Hey lovelies! My name’s Sarah and I’m a Canadian university student who caught the travel bug when I was sixteen. If I’m not day dreaming about my time abroad, I can usually be found with my nose in a book and a tea in my hand (it’s probably my fourth cup of the day). I adore the books lining my bedroom, indie music, fashion, the arts, and keeping busy. I’ve fallen in love with European culture and history, which is probably why I’m learning French and Danish on the side. My sketchbook can always be found in my bag, scribbles and my favourite quotes adorning its once fresh pages. I hope to end up on the other side of the ocean one day but until then, I’m excited to be writing for this lovely magazine and seeing what the future holds for me.

You can catch me on:

Tumblr: http://daisycrownns.tumblr.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/sarbridget

Miah Ke-leigh 

I’m Miah and I’m a South African girl living in the Netherlands. I am currently twenty and I absolutely adore life. Things that make me enjoy it include my morning coffee, bookstores on rainy days, seeing family at Christmas time, friends, receiving handwritten letters and going on hikes during summer. I’m also a chocolate chip cookie enthusiast and I love diving into new projects and creating things. Writing is a passion, traveling is a luxury I’m fortunate enough to do, thrift stores are a fun getaway and fresh mint tea hits the spot after an exceptionally long day at university.

Check out my Instagram if you’d like to stay in touch: @miah.keleigh