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On The Spotlight: Novo Amor

Author’s Note: There is a blissful energy; a new awakening one feels upon listening to Novo Amor’s music. I discovered Novo Amor or Ali Lacey a year ago when his popular single, From Gold, first came out. In my Q&A with Ali, he used the word ‘intimate’ to describe his music; upon reflection I feel this is the perfect description of his work; his music is the kind that becomes a soundtrack to one’s life, calming yet inspiring, often when you need it most.


On the Spotlight: Emma Fineman

* Authors Note: I discovered Emma Fineman, an artist, and adventurist, through the inspiring world of Instagram. After spending one too many hours searching her pictures and website I was beyond intrigued and knew I needed to know more. Emma is a creator who has artistry in her blood and such is reflected not only in her paintings but her photography as well. She seeks adventures and travels coast-to-coast capturing moments with her camera and paintbrush. Upon reading Emma’s answers to my questions, one can feel her passion and inspiring energy through each of her words. I hope you all enjoy learning about Emma as much as I did! 1.    Do you find there is a crossover between your photography and your art? Photography has always been a part of my painting practice. Recently I have been doing a series of photographic collaborations that have allowed me to articulate some of the concepts that I have been thinking about with painting. The photographic images I create because of this, often share a similar narrative quality to my paintings.  2.    What is your favorite collection/piece you have done? …

On The Spotlight: Two Sourced

Words by T.D // Photography by Two Sourced Author’s Note: I stumbled across Two Sourced on Instagram a few months ago. Their clean and fresh photos really caught my eye, along with the stunning jewelry they were creating. Their business seems to be getting larger just in the months that I’ve been following them, which is fabulous. They deserve all the attention they can get. All of their pieces are absolutely stunning. They carry a theme of both elegance and industrialism. The color scheme of the store  ranges from neutrals to light pinks with metal pieces on each item. Not only is their jewelry hand crafted and beautiful, but it’s affordable too. I would strongly suggest checking out both their store and Instagram in the social media links below. How did you come up with the name “Two Sourced”? Two Sourced as a name for us is both representational and functional. It stands for the two of us as creators and also signifies our constant curiosity to discover and source new things, experiment with materials …