Write an article consisting of 600 words or more, on any of the categories we have in the magazine (except the music category, this is in order to see more of your writing skills). Submit your article and if it is splendid and simply lovely, it will be posted in the magazine and you will officially be part of the team! We know everyone is busy but please don’t apply if you know you are too busy to write for the magazine.

* We only respond to those who have been accepted.*

Once you have been accepted.. 

Once you have been chosen, all of your articles will go through editing. They will be altered if there are any mistakes found. You will also be required to write at least 1 article per week but if there’s an emergency or if you’re sick please let us know, we will understand.

Submit your article at


Contributing Photographers

If you want to branch out your photography, this is the perfect place to do so! Simply tag your photographs with the hashtag #reefmag on Instagram for a chance to be featured along one of our articles! We will credit you by tagging your Instagram account or website.

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