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A Letter To My Best Friend


I met you in 2011.

I didn’t know it back then but I’m glad I approached you even though your stare could kill.

I remember our days as high school freshman would consist of Taco Bell runs and spotting skater boys at football games.

To this day, I’m pretty sure we’re both looking for the skater boy of our dreams.



I remember our days as high school seniors, 8-hour long conversations about our futures over countless cups of coffee.

Our dreams craving to leave this city..

I stayed, you left.



My visits to Austin always feel like a warm welcome.

A second home now.

No shoes inside the dorm.


Blue towel for your face. Green towel for your hands.


All you can eat snacks in the bottom cabinet.



Each time always feels like I’m visiting for the first time.

Our weekends consist of tequila shots, matching leather jackets, vegan burgers, late-night concerts, concluding with us wandering downtown talking to random strangers.

I’m pretty sure we have met just about every sign.

Pisces and Scorpios.

Why do we like them so much?


You spend your summer and winter breaks in El Paso.

Days spent journaling in silence, messy journal entries filled with all our secrets.

Photo-shoots in supermarkets dressed in fake fur and velvet.

Nights drinking Lambrusco in your dimly-lit apartment,

dancing to our favorite songs all night long.

Dance parties & bars.


Morning runs to Dunkin Donuts.

Last night’s mascara still on.



You were one of the first people I truly let in.

One of the few that knows me completely.

No fake persona.

No walls.

Not a happy face I would put on for others.


It took a lot for me to feel comfortable and share my art with others.

You didn’t make me feel weird about it.

You encouraged me to keep creating and not give a fuck about what others think.

I’ll always have you to thank for that.


You inspire me to live without fear.

You go out and you do what you set your mind to.

I have always admired that about you.


Thank you:

For the endless hugs even though I’m not the best of huggers.

For listening to me ramble on about nonsense 24/7.

For being there for me through everything and never once judging me.


7 years of friendship and still going strong.



Writing Love Letters To My Friends Playlist





  1. I’m a Pisces, and one of my favorite signs is Scorpio lol. I always wonder why I love them so much. It’s rare to find true friendships that last these days so cherish that✨

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