Inside the Mind of Brainguts
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Comfort & Guts

To be honest,

I’ve always been somewhat quiet and shy which is ironic because half the time I am extremely loud and full of bright confidence.

After a late night conversation on the phone with my boyfriend, I realized the secret timid person I try to hide, really does affect me, from my art to even intimacy such as sex.

Here are those thoughts folded into a poem.


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Words & Photography by Reyna Rey.

© 2018 Reef Magazine


  1. It will be too simple if you were just shy or not shy. You are full of contradictions and this is what makes you so incredible (+ so relatable) ♡ love from Paris, Emma

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  2. This is such a beautiful reflection of yourself. That you can understand this about yourself is a step already in the direction to shifting to a placce where you can express yourself more fully, more often.

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