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Bloom From Within

Meeting the love of your life is as spectacular as it sounds. The moment you meet you can feel the energy pulling the both of you closer. And as all of us know, energy never lies.

I saw you and I knew that you are the person I have waited and prayed for in a long time.

I saw our future in your eyes.

And when we stopped looking at each other, I began seeing it in the Orchid standing by my window.

After our first fight, you drove to my place and gave me, the most beautiful Orchid I have ever seen.

After all, you always knew what I loved and I’m quite sure you’re one of the rare men who really understands what a woman needs.

She bloomed for a very long time, but then suddenly she stopped. Her flowers fell down, her stem started to get brown, it was like every part of her was sick and tired.

At this time of my life, I was too busy being negative, angry and upset with you, so I gave no notice to the change in the flower you once gave me.

What a fool was I, not figuring that this Orchid represented us?

The fading hope that the love to each other would be enough, the fading faith, the fading time.

If I just would have looked closer and would have paid more attention I would have noticed that she showed the true color of our relationship.

Few weeks after the Orchid started fading away little by little you left.

She never started blooming again… until now.

When it broke our hearts to look at each other, I started looking at her.

She was my little reminder that sometimes life has to get worse before it can get better.

“I’d rather argue with you than kiss someone else.”

Together, the Orchid and I were sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. We all have been too strong for too long and held on to something that was already half broken.

It wasn’t the absence of love that brought us apart.

We just knew that we were better than this and that we could do be better than this.

Sometimes two people need a little time apart, even if they love each other more than anything else, just because they have to find themselves again. They have to make sure that they can live without the other person. And they have to figure out how they want their lives to be.

And some other times two people need this time apart to figure out that they can’t live without being together. They have to try to forget the other person and then find themselves missing each other daily. That’s the way they find their way back together, as an improved and growing up version of themselves. They have to get ready to love each other in good and bad times.

You left without explanation and took a piece of my heart with you.

I found myself with the same broken heart my Orchid must have had when she started fading. I thought she would never get better, but then suddenly, after a few weeks, she started to get new stems and new buds and now she is blooming again in this wonderful white color, brightening my room with her beauty.

Two wonderful synchronous stems with exactly the same number of buds, growing side by side on my bedrooms windowsill, waiting for the sun to rise every morning and leaving every evening so that the moon can brighten the darkness.

And as I realize now it was the same time I started blooming from within too. Side by side my Orchid and I began a new life and started letting go of the old one.

I guess this Orchid represents you and me. Our hope that only love would be enough has faded and now little by little, we’re transforming to the people we are supposed to be. And who we need to be.

I look at this Orchid and I know that she represents our story.

I know she represents us.

Our love.

Our future.

When I see this beautiful flower it’s like I look past her and towards you.

I see your brown eyes getting green when the sun shines. I see your smile and hear your laughter. I can smell your perfume and feel your hands grabbing for mine. I see you standing on my balcony smoking one of the three cigarettes you allowed yourself to smoke each day. I can hear your soft voice saying good night and feel you hugging me in the time of need.

Is she the sign of us growing closer in this time of separation?

Is she the sign that it’s not near over?

Is she the sign I have waited for?

After all true love has a habit of coming back, right?

Words by Alexandra Huber  // Photography by Emma Robinson.

© 2017 Reef Magazine



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