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Your ULTIMATE Astrology Resource Guide


Anyone who knows me in real life will tell you I’m a tad obsessed with astrology. I mean, can you blame me? Who doesn’t enjoy taking personality quizzes, reading horoscopes, or contemplating their identities? Deep down, we’re all a little bit self-absorbed…

My fascination for astrology has been there since I was young – I used to ponder over every magazine’s horoscope section and try to make some truth out it in relation to my life. Unfortunately, as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize that a lot of typical horoscopes are absolute crap. Categorizing the world into 12 singular archetypes is kind of absurd, as we are comprised of bits and pieces of all of them. Knowing your exact date and time of birth gives you the information to calculate your personal natal chart – a true, unique reflection of your personality complex and tendencies.

What makes it so unique, you may ask? Maybe the fact there’s well over a 100 billion different birth chart combinations… yup, pretty staggering.

Anyway, you don’t have to take astrology as seriously as I do! Be open and skeptical, but also have fun with it. Use it as a tool – strengthening positive placements and overcoming those that are weak or ‘less ideal’. Essentially, it can help us improve as human beings, whilst becoming more self-aware.

Before you begin your studies of astrology, I will warn you that it is impossible to know everything. If you try to all at once, I guarantee your brain will explode. It can be a huge information overload, so it’s best to take it in bite-sized chunks.

So after a somewhat lengthy introduction here is my ULTIMATE beginner’s astrology resource guide.

☆ Birth Chart Calculators ☆

Café Astrology – Behold, your basic bitch chart calculator! This is the best website for beginners! After entering your data, it lists all your placements as well as a short description for each.

Astro-dienst – Your not-so-basic-bitch intermediate birth chart calculator. It’s good for going into real detail regarding every minuscule part of your chart. It lists some placements that Café Astrology misses (smaller aspects, minor asteroids) and also has a wider selection of charts you can calculate (transits, progressed, draconic, synastry + heaps more).

☆ Books ☆

The Secret Language of Astrology by Roy Gillett – Hands down my favorite astrology book I’ve read – I lend it to all my friends who are keen on learning the ropes! It begins with a brief history of astrology, following with explanations of each planet, sign, house and aspect. I like that it finishes with tips on how to integrate all this information, as often we tend to focus on single placements. Most importantly, the illustrations are absolutely gorgeous.

The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Woolfolk – Another gem, perfect for understanding the basics. It goes through each sun sign, moon sign, ascendant and other important placements. It’s super easy to read and digest so your brain won’t #explode.

☆ Websites ☆

Dark Star Astrology  – Every possible sign, placement, aspect, house, transit you want to know about IS HERE PEOPLE! It even has fun monthly horoscopes that legitimately go into depth.

Astro Matrix – Again, just a great site for learning anything about astrology. Horoscopes, forecasts, transits – you name it.

Astrology Marina – A blog which shares informed arguments and details regarding all things astrology. Also very aesthetically pleasing with lots of cute collages.

☆ Tumblrs ☆

Tumblr is literally your best friend when learning astrology. Whilst you’re probably sitting there laughing at all those astro memes, you’re actually subconsciously learning the archetypes of each sign. Also, a good place to ask any questions you may have on your own (or anyone else’s) placements.

☆ General Tips ☆

Utilize Google as much as you can! Research, research, research! Try to get multiple perspectives on everything because it’ll develop a more holistic understanding of astrology. Talk about it to people who’ll listen (or after a few drinks at a party) and journal everything you discover that’s interesting.

For someone who knows a fair share on astrology, I honestly feel like I’m still learning. But I love it to the core – and I hope you’ll begin to share some of my passion for it too.

Words by Chiara Christian // Photography by Rochana Chalhoub.


© 2017 Reef Magazine



  1. loved this! i’ve always been so interested in learning about astrology. I will definitely check out all of these recommended books and sites. xxx


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