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Summer Inspiration

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I’m sitting out watching the setting sun, and the smell of jasmine wafts under my nose. I’ve been home two weeks, but this is the first time it feels like summer. I close my eyes, feeling the warmth from the sun dance across my eyelids, and I wonder what this much anticipated season will hold as I feel it beginning to take over.

Every year, around March, a feeling starts to itch in the back of my mind. I start dreaming golden visions of beaches, palm trees, and lemonade on repeat when I close my eyes at night. Anticipation brews as cold winter months come to a close, and I can practically taste the warmth as classes conclude and the sun begins to break out of its shell. It’s my favorite time of year, approaching with an immediacy that no other season can seem to match. Summer has always inhabited a special place in my soul, and just the mention of its name has my heart fluttering with romanticized plans for adventures that only these precious months can provide the setting for.

We will go to the beach. We will lay out our towels, slather ourselves in sunscreen, and then sun-kissed and spritely, my friends will beckon me into the water as they dance around amongst the waves. After later observation, I’ll be horrified to discover some parts of my body that got a little too pink, the day making more of a physical mark than I predicted.



Peach hues and shades of white will be captured on film as we explore the streets of San Francisco, eagerly meandering neighborhoods as if we haven’t lived here for years. Skate shoes will smack pavement as we run to cross streets; they’ll also get stains from too many ice cream drips.


With the windows rolled down, the songs which will forever remind us of this era will blast from our car’s crappy speakers. Yelling out the words, I will make a mental note to remember these moments – the small ones, like aimlessly driving through empty streets just for the sake of doing something.


We’ll laugh – how I’ll laugh. We’ll stay out late, get up early, and pretend that sleep isn’t all that necessary. After catching eyes with yet another agreeable surfer, my friends will jokingly convince me that he’s the one. I’ll wonder what the future will hold as I gaze up at the summer stars. The sun will stay awake longer than usual, and while it will prove just that much more difficult to catch the sunrise, I’ll thank it for hanging around so I can catch the sunset after dinner.

I’ll wistfully wish that summer could last forever. What will this wondrous, spectacular season hold for you?

Words and Photography by Megan Munroe.

© 2017 Reef Magazine



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