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According to the dictionary, a moment is described as “a very short period of time” but don’t you think it is much more than that? Anyways, to me it is. A moment might be a period of time, but it’s an important one, it is a something you remember, something you define to be your own, it’s an instant of pure joy or deep sadness, it’s a second where you take a step back to realize what you are feeling and why you are feeling that way.

Today, I finished another chapter. Next year, university awaits and the page will turn. But today, I took a step back to recognize how lucky I was to have lived two quite amazing years with people I love. No matter how many times I complained about the tests and the early schedules, I truly am grateful for the times I’ve spent there, for the smiles I’ve encountered, for the parties I danced all night at, and for the deep talks I took part in. Those were moments and they were beautiful ones. One day my friends and I were simply having lunch together, laughing at stupid jokes and as usual, making fun of each other. It would have been like any other lunch but I decided to make it a moment and that’s probably why I still remember it.

A moment does not have to be something of grand importance, it could be a simple talk, a concert, a Friday night with friends, a simple supper with your family, it could be anything. It has to be something that makes you believe you should never forget. We may think that the bad situations should never become moments, however, they are, unfortunately, inevitable and should not be disregarded. When they happen, all you have to do is withdraw from the situation for a second and create a moment. Obviously, going back to these moments is not going to be easy but doing so will make you realize how far you have come since then. And, in all honesty, creating them will only make you appreciate and acknowledge the good ones just a little more.

So to that I say, I suggest you make your own definition of what moments are to you. Just remember to interpret them as something that makes you think when you decide to reminisce about them. I also suggest that you go out into the world and try to create them. Having a casual talk with a friend? Laughing like you just forgot about everything else? Remember it. Make it a moment. Make it your moment. I swear that if you just take the time to realize that everyday can be a beautiful series of moments, you’ll appreciate life just a little more.

Have a wonderful day filled with lovely moments,

Annabelle xo



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