Monthly Favorites
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3 Months of Favorites

These past few months have been all over the place. My days were filled with good music,  good friends, and delicious vegan food. The month of October was spent visting my best friends in Austin, exploring the city, and attending a music festival. My luggage was left behind in the craziness of it all, but I was left with endless films rolls to develop, my journal, and blurry memories. The month of November was spent eating an abundance of french baguette pizzas, taking midnight drives, and attending my first protest. The month of December was spent hosting a dinner party, listening to originals by Monsieur Gainsbourg, and binge-watching Black Mirror on Netflix. I bring you the pieces that sum up these crazy months.

Music: the soundtrack to my 12 hour bus trip to Austin, Texas.


Must Sees: Films + Series + Youtube

Narcos – Based on the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar, this show portrays his life and series of crimes as he rises and descends from the throne of power. Watch the trailer here. Available on Netflix.

Black Mirror – Yes, this is the show everyone is talking about. I knew I had to check it out for myself after my friends urged me to watch it. If you are a fan of The Twilight Zone, this show is for you. Every episode introduces a new set of characters with a different storyline that deals with the negative effects of technology and the near future. Available on Netflix.

One Day – Starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, their chemistry is undeniably palpable. A lasting connection is formed from the day they first meet. One day, every year, the film shows glimpses of the beauty and the ugliness of their moments together.Watch the trailer here. Available on Netflix.

What Happens To Our Digital Selves After We Die? – Set in the future, this film focuses on a company that provides service to different individuals who want to secure their digital identity from others when they’re gone. If you are into sci-fi’s like Black Mirror, you will enjoy this. Watch it here.

Bertie Is Making Vlogs Again // Episode 1 – I don’t usually watch Youtuber’s vlogs, but Bertie’s filming style is so refreshing and enthralling. He captivates the simplicity of daily life in such a beautiful way. Watch it here.

The Fifth Sense, Episode 1: Making Spaces with Es Devlin – So aesthetically pleasing, let me start with that. If you are not subscribed to i-D, this is the time to do so! Each series brings a wave of inspiration and creativity. This episode in particular deals with a variety of artists who use space as a channel for their art. Es Devlin is incredibly insightful. Take in every word she utters and simply marvel at her works of art. Watch it here.

My Apartamento: Florence Welch – Nowness created a series that showcases different apartments by some of the most creative and unique individuals. This segment featuring Florence Welch is one of my favorites. Her essence is captured in every clip. Watch it here.

The 1975 Full Live Show at The O2, London – If you’re a big fan of The 1975, you will adore this   live set that will give you everlasting chills. Watch it here.

i-D Meets Special: Philomena & Iman on Black Beauty –  i-D follows Philomena Kwao as she goes on a quest to find out why black beauty isn’t being accurately represented in the cosmetics industry. She opens the doors to a ongoing problem that needs to be addressed. Watch it here. “We’re still at a point where the floodgates need to open and just for diversity to be celebrated.” – Florence Adepoju.

Food + Drinks


Vegan Lentil “Meatloaf” w/ Potatoes – I recently visited my friend’s college campus and I fell head over heels with the meal options. I practically entered vegan buffet heaven. I was never a big fan of meatloaf before going vegan, but this “version” completely changed my mind. Check out a similar recipe here and surprise your friends with this easy but delicious dinner. Pair it with potatoes and rice and you’re set!

Lavender Lemonade – If you’re ever visiting Austin,  I recommend you ditching your car and indulge in walking the art and music-filled streets. You will definitely get all Austin has to offer by increasing your daily step count. I happened to stumble upon the cutest lemonade stand called Austin City Lemons that puts all the others to shame. Their lavender lemonade is a complete must, so refreshing after long days of exploring.

Vegan Sesame Tofu & Broccoli w/ Brown Rice  – Another vegan buffet favorite, so good that I quickly searched for a similar recipe when I came back home. Check out this delicious recipe here.

Sauteed Red Kidney Beans + White Rice – Whenever my sister and I are feeling lazy, rice and beans are always a delicious option. However, instead of the usual black beans, brown rice and veggies combo, we decided to switch it up. With loft tunes filling our apartment we got to cooking! Simply start by sautéing onions, then add red kidney beans and finish by seasoning with your favorite spices. (We basically add paprika to everything) Pair your dish with white rice and your favorite chick flick.

Vegan Pad Thai – For cozy Friday nights, instead of ordering take-out I find comfort in cooking homemade Pad Thai. This is one of the most delicious + cheap vegan dinners to make. Check out Peta’s recipe here! I buy Thai Kitchen’s rice noodles which you can find at your local Whole Foods, Walmart, etc. You can also find them online here. Our recommendation:  put on your coziest pajamas, binge-watch New Girl, and enjoy your delicious bowl of Pad Thai.

French Baguette Pizza –  Craving vegan pizza? Instead of buying one and spending $20, switch to a cheaper AND just as delicious alternative. For this recipe you will need one french baguette, tomato sauce, and as many vegan toppings as you’d like. Here’s a list of toppings you can add: mushrooms, spinach, vegan cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, pineapple, & green bellpeppers. Simply spread the tomato sauce on your baguette, top it off with your favorite toppings, and you’re set! Be sure to preheat your oven to 350 °F before and cook for 8 minutes. Enjoy..


Traveling with Friends – Don’t fret if you can’t plan a vacation trip to a luxurious beach with your friends. Sometimes less is more. It doesn’t matter how many miles you travel for you to have fun. Look up small towns near you that you can visit. All of your friends can pitch in for gas money and voilà! Make a playlist with your favorite tunes, buy your favorite snacks, and you have yourself a roadtrip!

Experiencing a Music Festival – The music, the people, the atmosphere, what’s not to love? There has been times where I have attended music festivals by myself and let me tell you it was just as fun. The thought of going by yourself shouldn’t stop you from attending. Trust me, you will instantly vibe with new people who share your music taste. Eat delicious food, meet new people, and simply let yourself flow with the music.

Buying a One-Way Ticket – Set your destination and buy a one-way ticket baby. Life is way too short for detailed plans. Pack an abundance of coffee-stained tees, mom jeans, dirty converse, jean jackets, disposable cameras and you’re good to go. The beauty of buying a one-way ticket is leaving it up to fate to decide where you end up next. (Students: maybe plan this in the summer?)

Attending a Protest – No one tells you how empowering attending a protest really is. You are surrounded by hundreds of people all coming together to stand up for one same cause. Don’t be afraid to use your voice and speak out.

Midnight Drives – Driving around the city brings a sense of relaxation and tranquility. Sometimes midnight drives with friends can lead to unexpected adventures and deep talks. Don’t forget to stop by for some fries at your favorite fast food restaurant. Who can deny Whataburger fries am I right?

Hosting a Dinner Party  – A quick trip to Target somehow led to my friends and I deciding to host a dinner party to celebrate the new year. After buying a one too many New Year’s decorations we proceeded to buy all the groceries for our feast. This was the first time we were cooking for more than 10 people. Can you imagine? Boy did it make us feel like adults. The day of was spent cleaning, cooking, and decorating the house for our guests. (Let’s include about 3 breakdowns in-between) Let me just say, I now have a newfound respect for all the people who host New Year dinners. Yet, seeing my friends come together and eat the food we cooked was definitely worth it. I encourage to try it and maybe make it a tradition for the years to come?

Much love x

Words & Photography by Grecia Villa.

© 2017 Reef Magazine



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