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Photo Diary Series #2

Recollection of my days through my camera lenses & messy journal entries // Let us not dismiss the little moments in life.

septSong of the day: Black Memories by The Growlers. 

10 AM – My only class of the day was cancelled so I took it upon myself to take the city bus and see where it would take me. 10:15 AM – My first bus stop led me to a beautiful neighborhood where I found a LittleFreeLibrary. If you aren’t familiar with these, you basically exchange a book of yours and in return you get to take one of your liking for free. Luckily I had an old copy of The Catcher in The Rye that I had just finished analyzing for my young adult literature class. The pages were filled with scribbles, coffee stains, and highlighter marks yet I was sure somebody would find the beauty in that. I opted for 1984 by George Orwell which is a classic I wished I had read sooner. (I would have if I had actually taken the time to read it during my high school years.) 11:15 AM – My second bus stop led me downtown where I walked into a local thrift shop with an abundance of records, artwork, and vintage clothes. 11:45 AM – A man handed me a flyer to a free tour of a variety of artists’ art studios. It was a few blocks away so I knew I had to check it out for myself. 12:00 PM – It was an exhilarating feeling walking into an artist’s art studio. It almost felt like they were giving me a peek inside their soul. Some of the artists were welcoming excited to show their favorite pieces while others were too immersed in their work to even acknowledge the presence of individuals. 2:00 PM – My third and last stop was in front of my favorite coffee shop just a few blocks from my apartment. I spent the rest of my afternoon writing and indulging in a cup of roasted black coffee with a spoon (or three) of sugar.


Song of the day: Brutally by Suki Waterhouse.

The gloomy weather was perfect for a cup of coffee on a terrace with a hint of art to brighten up the day. My sister and woke up bright and early (for once) and headed to one of our favorite coffee shops. It was chilly outside but our hot chai lattes kept us warm. After a few hours of journaling and reading, we walked down to the art museum for the opening of an art exhibition.

“James Drake: Anatomy of Drawing and Space (Brain Trash)” art exhibition (pictured above).

The exhibition was raw and messy yet its simplicity captivated me. A collection of 1,242 drawings filled the museum’s walls. A cumilation of the artist’s memories and experiences over the years all coming together in one place. Every drawing with a story of its own.


Song of the Day: Miserable America by Kevin Abstract. 

11.08.16: The outcome of the election was one I didn’t see coming. I  couldn’t bring myself to sleep on election day until I was sure of what was to come. I held on hope until the end. I couldn’t bring myself to reply to my friends as they panicked by sending me 1000 messages once the results were announced. My hands were shaking and the tears came rolling down. I finally brought myself to sleep at 5am. 11.09.16: Running on 2 hours of sleep. It was gloomy and dark outside and the usual loud chatter that filled my college campus was replaced with a cloud of somberness. My heart ached as I witnessed my religious studies professor breaking down in front of our class. I could hear the fear in her voice. Election results shouldn’t ignite fear and devastation. How was this okay? 11.10.16: A dark cloud following me around yet the world seemed to continue as always. In aims to bring my spirits up I attended a prayer circle. The prayer circle made me realize the election results had instigated something heartening. I wasn’t ALONE in this. Yes, it felt like the country couldn’t be more divided at the moment. However, once a group of total strangers, managed to form a sense of unity through an exchange of comforting words and support. For the first time, I truly felt like there was hope for change. We did not have to tolerate, let alone be influenced, by this hatred towards our own kind. 11.11.16: My friends and I attended our first protest. Like many, I needed this. I needed an outlet. I needed to be surrounded by and remind myself that there are still people full of love out there. We walked the streets of our city in a peaceful manner and used our voices to speak out on issues that needed to be addressed. I had never felt more proud of my city.

We will not concede this way of thinking as the “norm”.


Song of the day: Work by Charlotte Day Wilson.

Over a cup of coffee on an early morning, my friends and I planned for a day of spontaneous adventure. We made our way to a small town in New Mexico called Mesilla. It was conveniently an hour away from our city so the drive was short. We stumbled upon a Thai restaurant which suprisingly offered a variety of vegan dishes.

Let’s just say Vegan Pad Thai = happy me.

Once we ate to our heart’s content, we walked around the town’s plaza visiting the local stores. My favorite was a local bookshop with shelves of books filling the walls. The atmosphere was cozy and warm and I must admit I hogged the poetry corner. The rest of the night was spent singing along to throwbacks of our favorite songs.

Words & Photography by Grecia Villa.

© 2016 Reef Magazine



  1. oh my gosh. absolute new favourite blog. you’re writing is stunning, your photos are gorgeous … ah i want to read every single post you’ve ever written!! you remind me a little of …
    thank you so much for following me!! woooow i’m in loveeee. if you ever want to collaborate on anything, let me know! or i’d love to submit some ideas/writing/posts!
    -abby xxx

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      Ahh my apologies, said my comment wasn’t posting so I rewrote it but it had posted! My bad. Xx


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