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Just Write It All Down

I had the opportunity to create my own personal mission statement for one of my classes in college. It is pretty simple: write about you, your values and what you want to achieve. I’m going to leave mine here to serve as an example. I hope you enjoy.

All I want, all I really want is to cry when I need to. Love with all my heart. Sleep when I’m tired. Eat when I’m hungry but stop when I’m full. Listen more. Create, innovate, discover. Realize that something new is not always something better. Realize that some friends are forever and others are meant to let go. Realize how truly lucky I am. Realize that some days are just better than others. Realize that it is always possible to better myself. Live in the present moment and cherish every day. All I want is to say I love you to my parents more often and call my grandparents more because you never know what could happen. Take care of my body. Listen to my body. Love my body. Appreciate. Treat people the way I want to be treated. Let go of the little things that bother me but remember to acknowledge them. Remember that life is short. Remember that change can disappoint but it could also result in unexpected blissful moments. Remember that what once hurt me made me stronger. Always keep my head up. Let my mind wander. See everything as an opportunity to grow and learn. Laugh until my body hurts. Be genuine. Take time for myself. Keep it simple. Chill, relax, breathe. Have fun. Start to trust that my mom is most probably right. Travel. Surprise myself. Do more of what makes me happy. Spend more time with my family. Voice my opinion so it could be heard. Be assertive but know that it is ok to be wrong. Hunt happiness. Take it day by day. Slow down sometimes. Dream. Have more ambition. Write more. Be open minded. Work hard. Put myself first sometimes but put others first when it’s necessary. Be patient. Take risks. Enjoy. All I want, all I really want is to live and forever be grateful.

So to that I say, just write it all down. Your aspirations, your goals, what you want to improve because it makes you discover the person you want to become. It enables you to set objectives for yourself that will forever remain in the back of your mind. There is always a way to better oneself and a personal mission statement can help us to do that. I really hope you enjoy doing this as much as I did. 

 Much love xo




  1. Rene Guerin says

    What a talented young lady, what depht and perspective in life at such a young age. In reading your comments, I noticed that you did not miss anybody and to recognize your grand parents, is hartwarming to both of us. I hope you continue to let your expressions flow in such a manner as you truly heve the talent to inspire a lot of people. Good work Annabelle
    Rene & Andree

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