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Change in Scenery

Listen: Knife Edge // Matt Corby.

It is currently 11:10 pm on a Sunday night and the feeling of nostalgia has crawled upon me. My mind is foggy and I feel a wave of nothingness bringing me down. I have come up with a clear realization:

I crave change. 


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6:59 am // “Mornings are for coffee & contemplation.”


I was planning on going to sleep and writing this article in the morning. However, my mind was going in a thousand different directions, I realized I had to let my thoughts run wild.

It is very hard for me to write about this because it is something that usually resides inside the pages of my journal. Lately, I find myself out of my house 90% of the time. I wake up, take my city bus card, and find myself back home to my pillow past dusk. I have this need to always be doing something, be someplace else even if it is a small cafe. I wasn’t aware of this pattern until I tried taking a sip of my expired almond milk or when I checked my bank account. I find myself alternating between coffee shops hoping to notice a new thing about them I hadn’t before. As much as I love my hometown, I crave a change in scenery so deeply.

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Yes, I love knowing every hidden coffee shop around the city because it brings me a sense of comfort. However, it is starting to feel too safe, like a routine. I want to be scared, to be in a new environment where I can grow and learn new things. I want to get lost in a new city and eventually find its little nooks.

Living in a border city, I can easily say I’ve been out of the country. I keep my passport in my bag at all times in case I decide to take a spontaneous trip to Mexico. While it is great being able to travel to a different country whenever I please, the idea of moving to a new place has always been on my mind. I tell myself the right time will come when I can finally embark on my adventure.

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This weekend I found myself sitting in the back of a truck at 4am talking about dreams, life, and poetry. This individual whom I met that same night told me something so simple yet so true. Maybe it was that no one had told me this before, but it hit so close to home.

Just make it happen. Don’t think about it.

I leave you with these words, in hope to spark some inspiration for you too. Craving a change? Go and make your dreams happen. I know it is scary, trust me I am scared too. Follow your heart, heaven knows the beautiful places it will take you.

Words & Photography by Grecia Villa.

© 2016 Reef Magazine


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