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August Favorites

This month was filled with the last of summer showers, so it’s safe to say my fall wardrobe made an early appearance. August was bittersweet. I parted ways with my best friends as they went back to their college away from home. I ate endless amounts of vegan Thai ice cream, strolled through farmer markets, wore one too many band tees, and said hello to a new school year. I bring you my favorites throughout this mayhem of a month.


For Rainy Days:

Bon Iver // Blood Bank

Keep On Loving You // Cigarettes After Sex

Berlin // RY X

Blood // The Middle East

Grizzly Bear // Angus & Julia Stone 

1957 // Milo Greene

Seaside // The Kooks

Eddy’s Song // Sticky Fingers 

Stuck on a Puzzle // Alex Turner

Broken // Jake Bugg 

Northern Wind // City & Colour

Listen to the rest of the playlist on Spotify here

Must See: Films 

Surviving Picasso (1996) – This month, I attended my city’s local film festival for the second year, and I can certainly say it did not disappoint. They featured a series of films centered around Picasso and Surrealism. Surviving Picasso was my favorite. As an avid lover of his art, learning about Picasso’s life was captivating. Every scene is beautifully crafted. It was almost as if every scene was a work of art. P.S. I might be a tiny bit biased since I sport one of his art pieces forever on my arm.

Lost in Translation (2003) – The simplicity and rawness of this film are what made it so phenomenal. It captured two lost souls at their core. Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, two actors I could have never pictured together. Yet, their chemistry was bursting through the walls. Watch the trailer here

Iris (2014) – This documentary is more than just about fashion. Iris preaches on the art of individuality. Her style is like no other. She takes her time and creates a creative vision for every outfit she wears. Iris’s eccentric personality and life experiences reflect on her unique personal style. Every piece of clothing in her closet has a story behind it.  Watch the trailer here.

Food + Drinks


Just making this list made me realize the amount of delicious food I consumed and loved this month. Let’s get started.

Vegan Thai Ice Cream – Oh boy, where do I begin? This ice cream will change your life whether you’re vegan or not. Look up places in your area that sell it, because trust me it tastes just like heaven. If you have no luck, try making your own. This ice cream is relatively easy to make composed of simple ingredients such as coconut cream, agave, and banana. I tried the matcha mint topped with coconut and cacao drizzle.

Annie’s Homegrown Cocoa Bunnies Cereal – As much as I love eating oatmeal for breakfast, it is sweet to indulge in eating cereal. I must warn you; this cereal is so good I have found myself eating it every day for breakfast this past week.

Gardein’s Sweet & Sour Chick’n – “Better than take out!” Those were the words that sold me into buying this chicken substitute. I live for the days when I can stay in, order take-out, and watch a film. This time, instead of ordering take-out I simply recreated my favorite dishes. I cooked some rice, veggies with soy sauce, added Gardein’s sweet & sour chick’n, and topped it off with Thai Kitchen’s instant rice noodles. Follow these simple steps and put on your favorite film!

Red Bell Peppers + Hummus Combo – This snack has been a lifesaver ever since college has started. It is quick and easy to make when I’m on the go. Skip the vending machine and save some money!

Sauteed Tomatoes, Onions, & Mushrooms – I must give credit to my mom for this one. She has been incredibly supportive throughout my vegan transition; I can’t thank her enough. She loves cooking and has begun feeling upset she can’t cook her staple meals for me anymore. With some research, she started understanding veganism and what foods classified as vegan. Now I come home with sweet surprises in the kitchen. One of my favorites dishes this month was sauteed tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms. If you’re not much of a mushroom fan (as I was), this recipe will for sure change your mind. Pair with some chips and rice!

Rice Bowls for Lunch – Now that school has started, my sister and I find ourselves making rice bowls for lunch. They are so satisfying and delicious. We make them the night before and voila! Cook some rice as your base and then add your favorite toppings! I like to add some cooked broccoli, carrots, spinach, banana pepper, chickpeas, potato, tomato, & orange bell peppers on mine. Add some avocado, sriracha, & hummus for more flavor.

Summer Salads – This last month of summer I ate an abundance of salads. I don’t know what it is but in the summer I crave salads constantly. My favorite creation is simple but delicious. Start by adding spinach and lettuce as your base. Add fresh cucumbers, chickpeas, carrots, tomato, and avocado. *Optional: “Just Chipotle Mayo” as the dressing. Top off with lemon juice and pita chips.


Camille Rowe’s Personal Wellness Journey (Series) – Camille Rowe has such a unique and striking personality. This month, British Vogue came out with a series following Camille on her personal journey to find out what on earth wellness is. She explores wellness through a deeper insight on supplements, nutrition, meditation, spirituality, and more. Watch it here.

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About You – Anastasjia is one of my favorite YouTubers. This video, in particular, was very interesting. If you are into astrology or want an inside look on your zodiac sign, watch it here.

A-Z Of Attitude – The realness of this video is what captivated me. This video captures New York so beautifully while maintaining its real image. The creative direction i-D takes with their videos is expressive. The personalities of each individual were reflected through just one letter in the alphabet. Watch it here.



Supporting Local Farmer Markets – I seem to mention supporting your city’s local shops and businesses on every favorites article. It is just so important, and the amount individuals it benefits is incredible. This month I started waking up earlier (to prepare for my morning classes) and took a bus to my city’s downtown farmers market. I strolled through the vendor’stands. I bought a rose quartz crystal for my collection, tried a kale flatbread with nut cheese, and purchased a coffee scrub. I ate vegan ice cream and had a nice chat with the vendor. He told me about the fantastic response the vegan ice cream was getting that he was going to expand and create new flavors. Seeing how simple it was to veganize practically any food, people began asking him questions on the veganism lifestyle. Simply giving your dollar to an ice cream stand creates a ripple effect and makes a difference.

Is It Vegan? App – This app has saved my life countless of times. As a relatively new vegan, my internet history consists of the typical “Is this vegan?” Google search. I knew there had to be an easier way. With this app, you just scan the product’s barcode, and you’re ready to go!

Riding The Bus – I have a love/hate relationship with the bus. Learning how to ride the bus is not as easy as it sounds. I always seemed to find myself running after the bus to make sure it didn’t leave without me. Learning which routes lead where has lead me to find new parts of the city. After some trial and error, I can proudly no longer call myself a rookie. Once you get the hang of it lay back, journal, and enjoy the view. “Those who choose to ride public transportation reduce their carbon footprint and conserve energy.”

Savings Apps – My mom constantly raves about savings apps, so I decided to try it out. I have to admit I felt more like a real adult after downloading these apps. Currently, my Adulting folder (yes, that is the name) consists of Walmart, Target’s Cartwheel, Ibotta, UNiDays, & Groupon. Walmart: Once you have finished your shopping, scan the barcode on your receipt, and if there are any cheaper options at other stores you get the difference back! Target’s Cartwheel: Scan the barcode on products while shopping and it finds offers for you. Ibotta: This app has a series of offers from different stores. It does take some time, but it’s worth it! Simply look through the offers and if you have bought a product on the list scan your store’s receipt and you get money back. You also get $10 credit to spend when you scan your first receipt! UNiDays: If you are a college student this app will be your best friend. It has countless of offers from all your favorite stores. Groupon: This app is one of my favorites. It shows you different offers from local restaurants, grocery stores, and more all in your area.

Band Tees – After the first week of college, it was evident my daily outfits would consist of oversized band tees and chokers. This month while strolling through the mall, I walked into Hot Topic. I hadn’t been inside that store in ages. I found the band tees aisle and fell in love. Now, I’m not that person that hates on people for wearing band tees and not listening to the band, but it simply doesn’t make sense to me to spend money on a band I don’t even like. Anyways, there was a 50% off sale, so I had some competition. After successfully scoring my favorites, it was safe to say I had PLENTY of tees to sleep in, spill coffee on, and attempt to workout in.

Going Paperless – Go through your internet, phone, and other bills and opt for electronic statements. Not only are you helping the environment but it keeps you organized with less clutter.

Words & Photography by Grecia Villa.

© 2016 Reef Magazine



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