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Words From An Introvert

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I am normally not a big fan of people being put into categories of who they are and who they’re not. You are who you are and that should not be defined by one single word. But sometimes a label can help us explain whom we are to help us understand who we are. There are no right or wrong, or this or that. There is so much more to a person than a word but sometimes you just have a lot of trait from a label and therefore it’s easier to just put yourself into a category without actually realizing it.

During the last few years, I seem to have learned a thing or two about myself. One of them being I am not the most social person and the second thing is that I am totally okay with that. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my friends and there is nothing better than laughing and sharing secrets with them. But I also love spending time alone. I would rather spend my Friday night at home rather than going out.

We enjoy being alone. In fact, we need my alone time, as silly as it sounds. I usually don’t enjoy socializing in big groups that are too, but I still enjoy spending time with my friends. Being surrounded by many people for a long time can drain me of energy so much that I need time to recharge by myself. I love spending time with my friends but I love spending time alone just as much.

We do have friends. Just because we’re not surrounded by friends all the time doesn’t mean we don’t have any. Introverts are very selective when it comes to friends. They don’t let people into their inner circle until they truly get a feeling of whom they are. But once you get the right people in their life they strive to always give the best of themselves. They prefer to maintain fewer friendships at a much deeper level to a large group of casual connections.

We observe quite a lot. We observe more than you think, usually more than anyone thinks. I’d like to believe I’m observant by nature. I notice things that most people don’t and remember things that most people don’t. Sometimes I’m quiet and prefer to sit on the sideline and observe the ones around me. And no, that does not mean we’re judging people when we do this. It’s just a natural habit and a part of us. This also doesn’t mean that introverts are wallflowers. They can talk your ear off if the topic is something they’re passionate or know a lot about. They simply don’t feel the need nor have the energy to be social butterflies.

We are creative. Studies show that introverts are a creative bunch. Our alone time is packed with brainstorming and they can take in a lot of information and use it in a creative way. When we are alone we are usually never bored. It’s very easy for us to find something to do whether it’s reading a book, watching a movie, drawing, painting and so on.

There can be many misconceptions and misunderstandings about introverts – and, of course, we’re not all the same. This list is based on my own experience. As I approached the end of high school, I am confident in myself. If I feel like spending my lunch break inside reading, I will not think about the people passing by who may or may not think – whatever they may think. Instead, I will continue to sit quietly and enjoy my book. When I am at a party and feel like heading home a little bit earlier, I will not take offense at my friends’ playful jokes. Instead, I will go home and write stuff like this. The most important thing is that we are all true to ourselves and still accept the people around us.

Words by Pernille Raven // Photography by Grecia Villa.

© 2016 Reef Magazine



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