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June Favorites

June baby, oh what a lovely month. Gemini babies are blooming, heaps of cherry popsicles devoured at every hour, yellow poppies brightening the streets, people soaking up every drop of the sun. We bring you our favorites of the month from tunes, films, books, delicious food & more!


For beach days:

Golden Days // Whitney

Lemons // Woodlock

German Love // STRFKR

Daylight // Matt & Kim

Taking Pictures of You // The Kooks

Entertainment // Phoenix

West Coast // Coconut Records

Plage // Crystal Fighters

Nothing at All // Day Wave

Let’s Go Surfing // The Drums

 Staying in, June lazy days:

This Feeling // Alabama Shakes

Truth // Alexander

Stay in My Corner // The Arcs

Congratulations // MGMT

Girlfriend in a Coma // The Smiths

Reflections after Jane // The Clientele

Jennifer Juniper // Donovan

Killin The Vibe // Ducktails

Whatever (Folk Song in C) // Elliot Smith

Wednesday // Good Morning

Albums & EP’s we’re currently overplaying:

 Catfish & The Bottlemen // The Ride

The Strokes // Future Present Past EP

Big Thief // Masterpiece

Kygo // Cloud Nine

Radiohead // A Moon Shaped Pool

DOPE LEMON // Honey Bones

Tom Odell // Wrong Crowd

 Netflix Must Sees: Films + Series


Whether you have your own account or you smooch off your high school BFF’s account, almost everyone can get a hold of Netflix. Are you ready for some serious Netflix binging?

The Way He Looks –  The Portuguese language is simply so beautiful. As an avid fan of foreign films, I couldn’t even tell I was reading subtitles. This film is light and heartwarming all throughout. The soundtrack in this film was definitely one of my favorites. A must watch! Watch the trailer here.

Orange is The New Black (Season 4) – This season has caused a lot of controversy, to say the least. Before I accidentally spoil anything, I will simply recommend having a pack of Kleenex by your side. Watch the trailer here if you haven’t already binged watched the whole season.

LOVE – This Netflix original is everything you’re looking for in a romantic comedy. The take on love on this show isn’t cheesy, it’s real. Watch the trailer here.

Seeking a Friend at End of the World – Keira Knightley and Steve Carrell are perfect for their character roles. This movie carries the right amount of comedy, sadness, and love. Watch the trailer here.

Begin Again – The music in this movie is the first thing that captivated me. This movie embodies the beauty of music and creativity. The shots of New York City were fresh and had beauty on its own. Watch the trailer here.

Books // Interviews // Poetry

Processed with VSCO with lv03 preset

Milk & Honey // Rupi Kaur – This book is filled with beautiful poetry crafted into 4 chapters. It is raw and lovely and fills your heart up.

Kahlil Gibran, His Life & World // Jean Gibran & Kahlil Gibran – A look inside the world of an artist, writer & poet. This book is filled with beautiful sketches, journals, and writings of his work.

Trains & Lovers // Alexander McCall Smith – This light read manages to touch your heart from the beginning. It is a story about love and how it has made its way into 4 passengers lives. As they travel, these strangers share their own stories about love.

MTV’s Cover Story // The 1975 – Boy, I wonder what goes through Matty Healy’s mind. Lead singer of The 1975, this interview is enriching, to say the least. Find the interview here.

Food + Drinks

Mediterranean Inspired “Salad” – Chickpeas + black beans  // topped with avocado + hummus + chopped tomato. Combine all of the ingredients without the need to cook! Served alongside pita chips and drizzle lemon juice.

Buckwheat Pancakes + (berries + brown sugar syrup) – Buy buckwheat pancake mix and follow instructions to a T. My favorite part of this recipe is making the syrup. Simply buy frozen or fresh berries and heat on the stove with brown sugar and water. (Amount depends on how much syrup you’d like) Mix until the substance is liquid.

Rice Bowl – This is just a fancy cover-up for I’m too lazy and I’m just going to mix everything in my fridge. First, start by adding brown or white rice as the base. Then start adding colors. Cook some tomatoes, red bell peppers, broccoli, and corn. Once those are cooked you’re set! Add hummus and avocado for some extra flavor.

Starbucks Green Tea Peach Lemonade – Can I just say this is the perfect summer drink? Recently I was given a Starbucks gift card and I gave in. I have never been much of a Starbucks fan, personally, I like sticking to local coffee shops. This might be the reason as to why I’m just finding out about this drink. I decided to give this drink a try and all I can say is this what I imagine summer tastes like.

Fruit Infused Water – Summer means heat. Stay hydrated! Here are some of my favorite combinations:

Strawberries + lemon + water

Lemon + mint + water

Cucumber + water



Vintage Tees – Now that summer is here, tees are the easiest to just throw on with a pair of your favorite ripped Levis. Where to snatch them? Two Words. Thrift shops. Section? Men’s. (Trust me)

 Patches + Jean Jacket – Yes, it may be scorching outside but that shouldn’t stop you from sporting your favorite jean jacket. Iron-on some of your favorite patches and you’re set! Where to snatch them? Buying patches online is the way to go. There’s a huge variety to pick from. Some great online shops that sell patches are Rosehound Apparel & Stay Home Club.  Prices usually range from $3-10. Some of my best buys have also been from vintage local shops who sell them for as cheap as $3. Local Markets are always a must for patches because they usually sport hometown pride, which will always remind you of your home. Finally, you can always go to Walmart’s craft section which has a small but lovely selection of iron-on patches for $1! As for the jean jacket, I encourage you to raid your mom’s closet :’)

Pins – Collecting pins brings me happiness. Seeing where every pin is collected from brings back memories of each occasion. Buy a pin from the merch stand after the concert of your favorite band. Buy a pin of your favorite quote to remind you to always stay true to yourself. Buy a pin from your hometown to remind you of your roots. Buy a pin from the country you first visited away from home. Buy a pin representing something you believe in.

Words by Grecia Villa.


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