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Cloudy Skies and Rainy Days

Listen While Reading:  Once You Know // Good Morning

The morning holds a blue tint as the sun is hidden behind a heavy sheet of gray and white clouds. The usual yellow sunlight that brightens up the morning with soft colors of orange and pink are switched out for the dim hue that awakens the world more slowly.

The birds are quieter as the earth itself seems to be almost muted as the morning unfolds. Fog clings to street lamps, causing them to glow rather than shine. The awakening world reflects upon the white sky. Headlights from cars act as the sun while defrost is turned on high.

And what makes even the cloudiest and gloomiest days even better? Rain.

Whether it be a light mist or a heavy downpour, rain itself is more than just a type of weather. Rain is an inspiration, it’s therapeutic, it’s beauty, and it’s a dream. One thing I always love to do is open my window on a rainy day, and listen to the drops pitter patter on the leaves and grass outside. The first time I ever did that, it was an early Sunday afternoon and it was around the end of April so it was a warm rain. I picked up a book, slid open the window, and read the entire book from start to finish. It was complete serenity. It’s so oddly quiet when it rains, and as I lay on my bed, I feel comforted by the soft sound. Perhaps it’s so rare to have gloomy and rainy weather, but when I wake up and see a cloudy morning, I feel an extra boost of rejuvenation. Or perhaps it’s the beauty of a gloomy day that has me completely enamored.

When I was younger, I have a faint memory of sitting on the carpet in my living, looking out the french glass doors that looked out onto the patio in the backyard and was perfectly content with watching the rain until it finally subsided.

A rainy day can give so much inspiration and motivation. It can clear the mind with its calm sound, and reading a book or going over paperwork is a little bit easier. It’s like the stress falls away with the rest of the rain.

A warm, delicious cup of coffee or tea is the ideal fit for an overcast day. Sitting in a cozy coffee shop, sipping on a chai latte or simple coffee while lounging on a leather chair with a book propped up in your lap is so refreshing. Relaxing by the fireplace at the end of the day with a crackling fire flickering vibrant colors is almost invigorating. The exhaustion and tension of a long day are driven away.

Cloudy and rainy days are filled with comfort, whether it be ten cups of coffee, or a bowl of homemade soup, or cuddling under a pile of blankets. Curling up on a bed or in a library while listening and watching the rain fall steadily outside gives an extra boost of motivation to complete any tasks at hand. Bleak weather is a form of unique beauty. Although the dull gray color inhabits the day and the darker hue envelopes the night, in a way, the world becomes more alive than ever. Flowers and trees stand out more. Jackets and sweaters are pulled out from the back of closets and drawers.

There is so much warmth and happiness to be found on the cloudiest and stormy days. Close your eyes and listen to the fall of the rain; stare out the coffee shop window and watch the cars splash by; pull out a favorite tea and snuggle next to the fire, but most of all…enjoy the beauty that it gives.

Words by Jacqueline Lindeberg // Photography by Grecia Villa.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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