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Accept Yourself

Listen While Reading: No Matter Where We Go  // Whitney.

You have probably heard this so many times before and have probably ignored it just as many times. You have to love and treat yourself right. I truly believe that this is one of the key factors towards a happy lifestyle. Some people are in a constant search of happiness all the while not knowing that the answer lies in yourself. Happiness is found within and no amount of external happiness can make you truly happy. If you can’t love and accept yourself how can expect someone else to love you or truly love someone else? I have heard this so many times but I never really understood until my late teen years. The truth is that nobody is perfect and everyone has flaws. And for the record, flaws are not bad at all. Flaws are something that makes us human, something that makes you unique and full of stories of lessons and life experience. The more you don’t see the strength in your flaws and accept yourself for who you are, the more you feed the bad wolf in the battle against yourself.

Loving yourself and appreciating what you have is a common topic among people all ages today. One of the key ingredients to happiness is loving yourself. Along my journey (which is still in progress) to work on my low self-esteem I have learned a few things that matter more than you think.

Stop comparing yourself to others. You can’t be as good at something as someone else is, so it’s not even worth trying. There will always be something you’re better at doing than someone else and something someone else is better at. This is how we learn and grow. Don’t make it a competition. If there is something you’re not good at, just embrace all the things that you ARE good at.

Spend time with your friends. Having low self-esteem can make you distance yourself further away from your friends, but that is one of the things you shouldn’t do. Talking and laughing with friends helps keeping the loneliness away and it also keeps your mind busy living in the moment and enjoying it. It may even take some effort to reach out to your friends, but in the end, you will thank yourself for doing so.

Exercise and eat well. Being active releases endorphins and contributes to  your level of happiness. That will help you feel better about yourself. Eating well is not just about wanting to lose weight or be fit. Sometimes eating well just makes you feel better about yourself and it gives you more energy throughout the day.

Don’t be judgemental. Be kind, because everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. All you can do is be kind because that helps more than you know.

Do something you like. If you love to read, take the time to read that book you been wanting to read. If you love photography, then make time to take some great photos. If you love drawing then draw. Whatever you enjoy doing, make time in your schedule to do it. Being alone is okay. Wanting to stay home on a Friday night is okay. Being social all the time can take up a lot of energy, and sometimes you just need time to be alone, to catch up on your favorite TV show or go for a walk.

This is some of the few things I have picked up along the way so far. Some days I need to remind myself of these things and some days I don’t. There will always be days that are less good than others, but that is a part of growing up. Just enjoy the life that you have been given, and be the best version of you.

Words by Pernille Raven // Photography by Grecia Villa.

© 2016 Reef Magazine


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