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I Found Someone

I found someone nice, I found someone loving, I found someone who looks at me and says that I’m beautiful, I found someone that I love but most of all, I found someone that makes me happy every single day.  

We were together in high school when we were young and immature. I moved away and we slowly drifted apart. Seeing each other less and talking rarely was now part of our routine. Therefore, we decided to let it go and move on.  We went our separate ways, saw different people and talked occasionally reminiscing on beautiful moments we had together.

We slowly started to reconnect and decided to get together. We would hang out but it was never the same as before but we would not mention it. One unexpected day, there was a click. The awkwardness drifted away and it felt like the good old days and we did decide to mention that. We continued to get together and eventually feelings redeveloped. 

 At first, I was hesitant and I did not know if I wanted something with him again because I thought I wanted something different. So, I talked to my mom (because moms are always right) and she said something very important that I will cherish forever. She told me that “something new is not always something better” and that simple sentence just made me realize that she was right. Sometimes we seek change too much and end up understanding that it was so much better before.

Thus, after three years of being apart, here we are. Together, happy and creating more blissful memories. 

With this short story, you can now understand that the title is a little bit ironic because I did not really find someone as he was already found.

 I have no idea where life will take us next but for now, we are just enjoying each others company, kisses, and love.

So to that I say, do not be with someone only to escape loneliness because if that person is not right then you will feel the same way you felt alone. Please know that it is possible to unexpectedly find someone and fall in love but remember that it is also possible to rediscover a soul and fall in love all over again.  

Words & Photography by Annabelle.

© 2016 Reef Magazine


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