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Disconnect To Connect

Listen While Reading: Société Anonyme // Lower Dens

Why do we never meet?

Why do we prefer writing the same words into the same box everyday?

Why don’t we just get together and see where it takes us?

Why don’t we touch instead of sticking to our screens?

Maybe because we’re afraid – but what is it that holds us back?

What is more frightening than this everlasting disconnection? It couldn’t get any worse.

What about meeting up instead of texting?

Possibly, our throat would feel dry and maybe, we would struggle to find the right words because we’re so used to typing them, always editing and putting our thoughts into perfectly arranged messages – but let me tell you, it wouldn’t matter. I miss imperfection. A stumbling voice, a gentle whisper. Seconds of silence while you’re waiting for the right words to come to you. The honest picture of who we are right now. We only get to know each other when we replace the distance that moves us apart with a shared moment of closure.

I want a real reaction to the phrases I say aloud. A smile, the pure reflection of your thoughts on your face. No superficial light – just rawness. I want more than the phrases you send to me on a lonely night because it feels like they don’t mean anything when you never say them aloud. Call me, pick me up, be next to me and you’ll see that it’s so precious to be with each other. I don’t want to waste another minute, and I wish we realized that the moment we live in right now is all we have.

Let’s go somewhere and be all there with each other – let’s connect.

Let’s hug, let’s hold each other for a bit. Let’s feel what touch means, because we might forget it otherwise. Let’s be alive. Let’s just be with each other and be conscious about how lucky we are to have breathing lungs and a heart that keeps on beating for us.

Let’s gaze at how much love and joy we see in each other. Let’s be amazed by life and all the things we’ve never seen before. All the places we haven’t been to so far and the beautiful thoughts we haven’t encountered in our minds yet.

Take me outside. Let me see the sunbeams on your cheeks, the wrinkles around your eyes when you laugh and your hands in the air when you dance.

We’ve got nothing to lose when we only let ourselves lose touch of our screens.

Why are you content with what we are doing? You never seem to bother about not hearing my voice or looking into my eyes. You can adjust the brightness on your phone as much as you want, it will never come up to the brilliance when you see people talking with passion in their eyes.

Let’s give some time to each other – and don’t tell me you don’t have any. I can do without your text messages if you instead spend that time with me – really with me. All I ask for is for you to take a step and show me that you want to give your time to me because I’m more than a name on a screen.

You might think this is insignificant, but it’s unsayable how much it means to me if you decide to lose touch with your phone, to win touch with me. You can be a winner, so don’t lose time on that display. Walk up to me, talk to me, tell me what’s on your mind. I don’t mind if it’s silly. It’s real and that’s all I wish for.

Let’s disconnect to connect.

Words by Alisa Faeh // Photography by Grecia Villa.

© 2016 Reef Magazine


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