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City Dates

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Recently, my friend Lauren and I decided to spend a day wandering the streets of Toronto. Of course, when you’re in a city as large and diverse as Toronto, there are a plethora of places you can discover by simply walking down the street for ten minutes. Though we walked for quite a bit longer than ten minutes, we found some amazing places that we’ll definitely be returning to this summer. While getting our fill of exercise walking around the city without a set plan of where we wanted to go, we stumbled upon a few hidden gems of our own. Here are a few of the places we found while walking around the city.

Black Market

Located at 256 Queen Street West, this vintage store is perfect for people on a budget. With everything priced at ten dollars or less, the store offers a wide range of clothing for every type of style. It also provides both vintage and store printed t-shirts, which creates a nice mix of both old and new. Also, if you like puns as much as I do, you’ll love what Black Market does with some of your favourite bands and TV shows. From Beyoncé to Game of Thrones, this store has a t-shirt for you. With a huge selection, you are able to get graphic t-shirts, jackets, pants, and everything in between for a reasonable price.

It also doesn’t hurt that they have a kick as music playlist going all day. From the old tunes, your parents exposed you to growing up to the newest indie bands, the music at Black Market is to die for. For an avid concertgoer like myself, I absolutely adored the music selection playing at the store as it reminded me of all the summer music festivals happening around the city in the next few months. Lauren swears by the store and I’m glad she dragged me along to visit it because it is definitely a place I’ll be frequenting this summer.

Sweet Jesus

Whenever I think of summer, ice cream always comes to mind. That’s why when Lauren and I were wandering around the city, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go the ice cream shop that has got Instagram buzzing. I’ve seen at least a dozen people I know post pictures of the Sweet Jesus ice cream shop and always felt envious. I mean, with ice cream cones the size of your face and rolled in cookie crumbs, how could you not?

With a ton of flavours, there’s a little something for everyone; even those who are lactose intolerant. Using coconut milk, Sweet Jesus gives options for those who can’t eat dairy, which allows everyone to enjoy a cool treat on a hot day in the city. The generous amount of ice cream you get in one cone is almost too much to eat in one sitting too! I know Lauren and I struggled to finish our ice creams but it was definitely worth it. Not only is ice cream amazing, but the location is perfect. While sitting outside enjoying your cold treat, the CN Tower sits in the background as people mill about around you. It’s a perfect stop for anyone’s city date!


Though it’s known as a ‘dive bar’, the Queen Street Warehouse restaurant is a great little eatery for all food palettes. With everything priced at $4.95 all day every day, this little gem is perfect for people looking for a cheap but delicious meal. You can get everything from a Union Street Noodle Bowl to Onion Rings or Nachos and though the prices are cheap, the portions are perfect. Their plates are big enough to fill you up without you feeling overly stuffed.

Although the building itself is modern, the inside has a nice old-fashioned vibe with rustic tables and vintage posters adorning the walls. The relaxing atmosphere of the Warehouse is a nice contrast to the hustle of the city outside. Coupled with the great food and pleasant service, Warehouse is a great food destination for any food palette.

Words by Sarah Sutherland // Photography by Grecia Villa.

© 2016 Reef Magazine


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