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Soothe Your Soul

We exist in a time where nothing stops moving. Everywhere you turn, there are people rushing to work and back, giving only what is required of them, just trying to get through the day. We often get so caught up in our chaotic list of “to-do’s”, that an entire month can go by before we look back in retrospect, wondering where it all went. It has become so easy to get lost in this routine in fact, that we have completely forgotten the art of stillness and recuperation. It is extremely important, however, to rediscover this art if we wish to improve our overall quality of life and maintain the level of inner peace necessary to thrive. That being said, it certainly isn’t an easy thing to just start doing. It is a gradual process, and I personally have found that music, a few songs, and artists, in particular, help me to ease into a mental state that allows me to sit still and breathe.

Just as you need fast paced music to motivate you to work out, and slow peaceful instrumentals to lull you to sleep, you need a certain type of music to help you slow down, sit still, and relax. Contemporary music is often just as rushed as we are, therefore, I find it most helpful, to look at music from another decade, usually the 1960’s-70s. Artists like Jim Croce, America, Simon and Garfunkel, and the Eagles have all created beautiful music, perfect for soothing your soul, and ease you into a state of mental relaxation. Below is a list of a few of the songs that I enjoy, when attempting to slow my thought processes and be still.



If you take a moment to listen to one of these songs, I’d like to encourage you to do it in a place where you are comfortable, where you can sit a long while and let go of the thought of all that you need to get done. Sit somewhere where there are flowers, perhaps. Let their scent and beauty calm you, as the music takes your mind away, to a place where you are free. Then hold on to that moment. When you are at your busiest moment in the day, when work is so frustrating you just don’t want to be there anymore, think of the moment and let that peace return to you, soothe you. Once you are able to maintain that peace, you are more than on your way to cultivating the art of stillness, and the restoration of your soul.

Words & Photograph by Samantha De La O.


© 2016 Reef Magazine


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