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Spring’s Gift

Listen While Reading: NoLo // Grace Mitchell

It’s half past eight at night. The kitchen window is open, allowing the sound of crickets and dogs barking to echo throughout the house. Although a slight breeze blows in from the window, the kitchen is still hot. Freshly baked cakes sit on top of the oven as they cool. The sweet and delicious scent of chocolate overwhelms the room. As I sit here with my laptop, waiting to devour some cake, I can’t help thinking that it is a perfect spring night.

Ah spring. Spring in California reminds me of summer. The days are hot, but the nights are clear and cool. There is always the noise of crickets as soon as the sun disappears over the horizon, and that always means spring has come.

Spring is an opportunity for a fresh start. The cold and rainy winter has just ended, and it’s finally time to turn off the heaters and open the windows. Big, heavy clothing is stored away, and money saved up is spent on a new closet full of clothes. There is also a feeling of anticipation in the air. People know that summer is fast approaching, and for most, that means school is out. A little break from schoolwork can make anyone jump up and down ecstatically.

The season of spring allows for more adventures. With warmer weather, the outdoors can be easily explored. Visiting new destinations that you have never been to before like parks, the mountains, or the lake is possible. Long days can be spent sitting by the water or resting on a blanket in the park, watching puffy white clouds drift by. The colors of spring are unforgettable. The main parking lot by my work is filled with trees planted all around. The other day, I had to take a moment to admire the beauty of nature. All the trees had shed its leaves during our California version of winter, but now, pink blossoms bloom on all of them. When I drove up to work, it was like entering a pink paradise. The sun was shining, the sky was an exquisite blue, and the breeze was gentle. It was absolutely beautiful.

Also living in California, I truly appreciate spring. It’s the perfect weather. The temperatures in the summer get so hot that sometimes I’m afraid to even step out of the house. But in the spring, a sweater is worn in the morning, and the day is sunny with a slight wind. The sunsets are orange and pink, and the mountains are so clear.

With the new start of spring, it feels like more work can be done. Lately, I’ve been having this urge to get really organized. There is a lot that I keep taking on and work is piling up all over the place. A little notebook wasn’t helping me keep everything down that I needed to remember. I admit I went on a little organization haul. I bought planners and all kinds over items to prepare myself for the rest of spring and the beginning of summer.

As winter started dying down towards the end of January, I became obsessed with baking. Maybe it’s the sunny days or the birds chirping away, but I can’t stop baking. I’ve made cake pops, cookies, and cupcakes, and I love decorating them in fun and vibrant colors, fit for spring.

There is so much to be inspired by when spring comes. There are the beautiful colors popping up on every corner and your own front yard. Little furry animals are reappearing from a long hibernation. Flowers are blooming, bees flying about, and the sun brightens up the day. Spring is perfect for a new start and for new discoveries. There is so much to do out in the world, and now is the perfect time to start.


Words by Jacqueline Lindeberg // Photography by Grecia Villa.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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