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A Guide to Easy Traveling

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Spring and summer are upon us. That means warmer weather, sunnier days, and vacations. Summer is the time of year where I leave the worries and stress of school behind me. I am able to take a moment and breathe. Immediately after that, my mind begins to flutter all over, trying to figure out what I will exactly do for an entire three months.

I am a very restless person. Although I thoroughly enjoy those few days where I just sleep literally all day, I can’t do it all the time. On my days off from work and school, I’m always out of the house, trying to find something to do. Summer is a little hard for me because besides having a part-time job, I have all this other free time which I need to fill up.

Before, summer used to revolve around swimming every day and many day trips to the beach. Now that I am a little older, I am pulled to explore more in the world. Last summer, I did more than I ever thought I could. I was able to visit Florida for the first time, which was so unique compared to the California coast. I stayed in a beach house right along the water and sat on the dock for hours, delving into the calmness of the water. I also saw San Francisco for the first time, and my favorite place in the whole wide world: New York City.

London is my next destination. I will be heading there immediately when my summer break begins. It was a rather spontaneous decision, but I know it will be life-changing and create the greatest memories I will cherish forever.

The slight difficulty is that I am a college student who hasn’t begun to really save up any money. It will also be my first time venturing to a different country. There is a lot to learn. So far, from planning this big adventure, and from all the traveling I did this past summer, here a few little tips to make the process a tad easier.

1. Budget 

This is a tough one. My addiction to coffee costs me, at least, a quarter of a paycheck each month. Lately, I haven’t been going to a coffee shop, and instead waking up a few minutes earlier in the morning to make my own coffee. I’m watching my spending and asking myself, “Do I really need that?” Surprisingly, I have been doing quite well lately. With the money I save up, I’m going to spend uncontrollably in England.

2. Travel Blogs

I have been reading a ton of blogs about traveling to London. I have learned so much about the city, the environment, and what to expect. Most blogs give tips on how to save money in the city and many other cool tips. See what other people are saying. If you are traveling to a new city or country, I definitely recommend this. I feel more prepared to face the exotic city.

3. Airfare 

Ah, airfare. I’ve had a few heart attacks already just glancing at airline prices. I’ve looked at all my options and compared prices. It’s amazing what the price difference is. Credit cards with traveling rewards points is a good way to go too. Credit cards frighten me. I have one, and after New York, my credit card is still hurting. But I applied for a new one that actually gives me traveling rewards and other student perks. In the long run, it will be a great help.

4. Planning 

Planning and organization for trips help take off a load of stress. It’s good to have things laid out like finances, hotels, rental cars, etc. Having a list of to do’s for the trip will help you remember what needs to be done and be organized for the big adventure.

Last but not least…

Happy Traveling!


Words by Jacqueline Lindeberg // Photography by Grecia Villa.

© 2016 Reef Magazine


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