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Coffee Bliss

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Coffee. The distinct aroma awakens us, livens our senses, and gives an extra boost to start our daily routine. Whether it be scorching hot or poured over ice, it is still always uniquely delicious.

Coffee can be found almost everywhere on every street corner either at a drive-thru, a Starbucks, a café, etc. But one place that is always wonderful to find coffee at is a coffee shop. Each coffee shop is different in its own way, from the décor to the type of specialty drinks.

A coffee shop is almost like stepping away from the world for a little while. You can delve into the simplicity of an espresso in a little white cup, or have a hot chocolate to satisfy that little sweet craving. Besides holding a cup of caffeine in your hands, going to a coffee shop can definitely improve a day. It’s always calm inside, with the usual coffee shop music, the espresso maker going off here and there, and the door chime ringing as someone enters and leaves the shop. There are people sitting with their laptops, skimming through books, or typing up long papers. It’s a whole other environment, and that’s what I love about coffee shops. It’s a step away from reality.

When I was in high school, I never thought twice about a cup of coffee. It never truly appealed to me. I always found it rather interesting how my father and mother couldn’t function in the morning without their coffee.

And then I went off to college. That was when the addiction started to begin. I would maybe have one cup a couple times a month, but that was it. Then I started to commute to my university, and I found myself at Starbucks once a week for the largest drink I could get my hands on. Now, I stand in line for coffee every single day. I cannot begin my day without a coffee snugly in my hands. Once I take that first sip, I feel immediately rejuvenated. Coffee is the one little thing that never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Because of this little obsession of mine, I have discovered so much. There are surprisingly so many little coffee shops all around that I would never have known existed if I didn’t like coffee. Los Angeles has so many little hidden gems and submersing myself into exquisite little worlds ever so often is always a delightful treat.

When I think back on it, I’m not sure what my life would be without coffee. There are just so many adventures I’ve been to try out new coffee shops. One of my favorites is in a city not too far from mine. The coffee shop is very modern and very large, with signature coffee cups and most importantly, donuts. Donuts donuts, donuts. The first time I visited that coffee shop, I sat with an iced drink and a unique freshly made donut. It was like taking a bite of paradise. The coffee was eye opening too with its rich taste.

Coffee came into my life slowly but surely. When I am stressed and of course, exhausted, I jump into my car and head to the nearest coffee shop (usually with a book or two shoved carelessly into my purse). But coffee itself has brought so much happiness to my life, as crazy as that sounds. It has made me go out and discover new places. Coffee shops are my simple ways of getting away from reality, even if it’s just a little while. Coffee is my little piece of heaven and my little taste of bliss.


Words by Jacqueline Lindeberg // Photography by Grecia Villa.

© 2016 Reef Magazine


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