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Danica’s Guide To Fashion School

Hello, lovers of fashion. Whether you’re thinking about attending or already enrolled in fashion school, I am here to share my experiences with you in hopes that it will inspire all the young fashionistas out there. As a senior in college, realizing that this is my last year of school has got my mind racing a million miles a minute.

I am in no way saying that I’m the expert on fashion school at all. Let’s get that straight, honeys. I don’t attend any of the prestigious fashion schools in the world (Although it’s still a great option to think about). I attend a four-year California State University with a major in fashion merchandising and a minor in marketing. By my fourth year, I most certainly have the ability that I have learned a lot. And I’m still continuing to learn.

Now if we’re talking college in general, you’ll definitely learn the basics: research papers, how to not plagiarize, how to not feel embarrassed to ask a dumb question, the importance of balance between sleep and work… The list goes on.

But we’re here to talk about fashion, aren’t we? Yes, being in fashion school means you’ll learn the basics of the fashion industry. Very important. But the one thing I want to emphasize here is that you will learn so much about yourself inside and out. And if you don’t know it now, you will learn what separates you from your peers as you immerse yourself deeper and deeper into this little fashion bubble.

Your Style 

Stating the obvious, here! You’re going to find your personal style. Like people, fashion trends change. I’ve learned that keeping up with fashion trends has become easier and easier the longer I continue to surround myself with fashion education. The ability to keep up with the trends in fashion comes with opportunities to experiment with style and to figure out what works for you. I’ve traveled a long journey filled with unfortunate fashion phases, from scene to preppy. I’ve done the damage to my hair, drawn on my clothes in an effort to make a fashion statement, but in the end, I’ve turned out just fine. It’s all fun in the process. You’ll settle eventually. Just be you! Experiment till there’s nothing left to experiment with.

You’re Not Alone…But You Kind of Are 

You’re not alone, but you are alone? Along the way, I’ve met a lot of people, meaning a lot of different kinds of fashionable people who want to different things in the fashion world. It’s all fun when you find someone you have a lot in common with. This means great connections. Take advantage of this. People know other people. It’s kind of the way life works, isn’t it? You’d be surprised with who knows who these days. Being surrounded by other fashion enthusiasts is the best way to collaborate and help each other out.

But wait. What do I mean when I say you’re alone? You are alone. I’ve learned that even though I’ve met a lot of great people who have helped me a lot along my fashion school journey, there are going to be more people who are only concerned with themselves. Remember that the fashion industry is a competitive one. You’ll meet a few nice people who will guide you along the way, but you will reach a point where you need to do things on your own. Trust your gut. Trust what you’ve learned, and push yourself to be noticed, because everyone else will be doing the same.

Your Niche 

Yes, there are cliques everywhere! There are cliques in the fashion industry. You will find where you want to be. There are so many different segments of the fashion industry, all equally important. The designers, the entrepreneurs, the buyers, the marketers, the stylists, the writers, and more—You’ll meet them all. You’ll meet people who aspire to be all these things. So you’ll ask yourself, “What do I aspire to be?” And this question will follow you for years. You’ll get so annoyed with this unanswered question, that you must answer it yourself!

The best way I found my niche was to follow my hobbies. Writing, styling, and editing are what my life revolves around. When I found out that I could pursue these hobbies as a career, things began to fall into place.

Though I still get stuck in a rut as I trudge on through my fashion education, it’s been quite an experience. I still have much more to learn, and my future is still unclear. I’ve still got work to do. We’ve all got work to do.

Here’s to our bright future in fashion.

Best of luck,



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