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Peaceful Mornings

Listen While Reading: Waking Light // Beck.

Mornings are very renewing; they are like a new awakening. It’s an entirely new slate for new beginnings and for the best changes to occur. They are filled with warm sunlight, birds chirping soft tunes, and dew glistening on fresh cut grass as the day comes alive. There is something so lovely about the earth slowly coming alive in the morning. When I was back in high school, I developed the habit of staying up all night long and going to sleep early in the morning. But what I loved to do was watch the sun rise at dawn and delve in the peace and quiet that one can find only at those early hours.

I didn’t dislike the mornings, but I never appreciated all the beauty it presents. Mornings used to be filled with grogginess, rushing and quickly eating a piece of toast. Now, I still rush like I’m in a race, but I also feel somewhat excited to see what the morning will bring.

I trudge over to my window while rubbing my tired eyes, and open my blinds. The quiet stillness always makes me smile. It gives me a little boost of energy. I remember specifically one morning, I was sitting in my living room after a movie binge, and I realized it was almost six in the morning. It was the harmonic sound of birds that jolted that realization. I walked over to the window, pushed open the heavy curtains, and a feeling of such calmness settled through me. It was an overcast morning, and the outside had a bluish, gray tint to it. And I remember thinking how beautiful it was. Ever since then, I admire the mornings and the beauty it holds more than ever before.

Waking up early to drive to school and sit in traffic is always exhausting, but lately, I don’t mind at all. I am usually on the road just as the sun is peaking over the horizon. While I am on the freeway in massive traffic, I am able to watch the sunrise.

And there is an amazing perk that goes along with mornings: coffee. As my alarm goes off at 5:30 in the morning, my mind can’t function. But as I open my door and the scent of fresh coffee surrounds me, I feel rejuvenated. Coffee in the morning is always the greatest perk with waking up at the crack of dawn. I love going to coffee shops in the morning. Perhaps it’s knowing that everyone there wants the same thing I do: caffeine.

That dose of espresso mixed with a new start is always exhilarating. Whenever I have a long night, whether it was homework filled or I was just thoroughly exhausted, the thought of a new day makes me feel better.

Any morning has its own unique beauty, whether it be sunny, or raining. Living in Southern California, I don’t get to see too many gloomy mornings. But it is definitely a treat when I peek out my window in the morning and see rain pouring down.

Mornings can sometimes be tiring, stressful, and busy. A thousand thoughts run through our heads about what needs to get done and if you will be able to accomplish all your tasks by the time the sun sets. I used to never pay attention to mornings. To me, it was only a time of day. But for the past few years, the morning is something to see.

In the morning, roll down your windows and let the breeze brush through your hair. Take a tiny look as the sun rises in the sky. Listen to the birds. On cloudy mornings, watch how the world slowly brightens from a gray to blue to a pale white. Breathe in the crisp air. And smile.

And enjoy you peaceful morning, with a side of coffee of course.


Words by Jacqueline Lindeberg // Photography by Sydney Ferrara.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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