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Travel Lover

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Travel. Visions of exotic places mixed with crowded airports and unexplored cities pop into one’s mind with that one word.

Travelling is like food for the soul. Something deep within ourselves yearns to see everything the world has to offer. The world is a vast place, and there is so much to see and discover.

I am definitely a travel addict. I admit it. I sit at my computer too many times a week looking up new places to see. I look up hotels, flights, and all that is left to do is set the date. My heart feels a pull to go everywhere and anywhere. It is a little hard to find the time and money to visit all the exciting countries in the world.

This past year, I was able to see my favorite city: New York. I was skipping up and down Fifth Avenue and stood on top of the Empire State Building at midnight with the biggest smile on my face. With the cold wind blowing on my face, and the vast view of what seemed like the entire world, the happiness and peace I felt was unexplainable. But to see the world, to see New York City, was a dream come true.

I’m always ready to travel at any given time, but it’s hard to work around hectic schedules and find time off. But to feed the desire to see something new is definitely doable at least every week. I am a restless soul. I love making plans and going on long drives, even if I don’t have a destination in mind. I never know what I could find. I could meet someone new, or discover something I had never known existed.

I live not too far from the city of Los Angeles, and for me, that is how I explore and delve into adventures every week.

Cities are full of life, and in every corner lurks a new coffee shop, museum, or bookstore. For a while, I would sit and dream of fulfilling the empty crevice in my heart. But now, I enjoy driving and seeing what inhabits the city. I go there way too often, but each time I always find something new. I found a bookstore which was pretty much the gateway to heaven, restaurants that don’t exist in any part of the world except Los Angeles, met new people…the list could go on.

I recommend going to your city, even if you are there every day, and walk around. Look at everything around you; walk into shops you always walk past. Try that exotic restaurant you’ve only heard about and go to that tiny theater that only shows old movies. You will walk away as if you flew around the world.

Sometimes, when I can’t make the drive out to Los Angeles, I travel through my own little town. It’s unbelievable at all the sights and places I miss as I hurry through traffic on the weekdays.

I still have bigger dreams of seeing other parts of the world, and that dream will be fulfilled one day. But for now, I’m quite content to fall in love with what’s around me. I appreciate the small diner on the corner of the street that can only fit ten people at a time. I love the paths I walk on but used to always drive by without a second glance.

There is so much to discover; so much to fall in love with. As a restless person, and as the need to travel seems to make my heart pound endlessly, I am always astounded at what surrounds me.

Travel. Go on small adventures. Take a walk down your street. Go to a random restaurant in the city. Make it spontaneous. Watch the sunset from your front porch. Your soul yearns for beauty, adventure, and love.

And it is easy to see that it’s all around you.


Words by Jacqueline Lindeberg // Photography by Ashley Sharma.

© 2015 Reef Magazine.


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