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Stop Wishing, Start Living


I decided to do something a little different for this month’s column. I wrote a short poem, something I have never done before. It was interesting to try something new. Perhaps letting go of my emotions through a poetic piece of writing somehow feels liberating. Enjoy.

I am a child filled with emotion

a girl full of dreams

someone who watches the ocean

as if it were able to scream

scream the truth about the future

wondering if it’ll get any better

better than now better than this

even though now isn’t so bad

there’re even some moments of bliss

maybe I have to stop being sad

stop the wait

and take every moment to appreciate

appreciate what I have and what I can do

life passes by so fast if only you knew

we keep wanting something more

it makes it easy to miss an open door

one too many expectations

constantly seeking perfection

we always wind up sad or upset

the memories we must forget

what is to come? we don’t know

so why can’t we just let it all go?

cause maybe if we would just stop wishing

we could truly start living.

So to that I say, if one day you are bored, grab a pen and paper and just write. Let your emotions spill themselves on your page and perhaps you’ll create something beautiful. Don’t be scared to try something new because sometimes it’s those unexpected things that we do that make us discover who we truly are.

Hope you liked it xoxo


Words & Photography by Annabelle.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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