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Paradise is Easy to Find

Listen While Reading: Eventually // Tame Impala.

Our lives are filled with hectic schedules and accumulated stress. It’s like an unrelenting downpour. And because we are so focused on work or school, we hardly have enough time for ourselves. Stress approaches us as we sit in offices all day or as we try to balance family, friends, school, and work. It seems any sort of paradise is unreachable. As a college student who goes to school full time and also works part time, I always find it difficult to put aside time without stress coming and invading every spare moment I have. But I have started to try something new which has helped tremendously.

It’s simply two little words that have made a big difference. Treat Yourself. Believe it or not, ever since that phrase appeared into my life, I have become a lot happier! Treating yourself doesn’t always have to be extraordinary spending or super extravagant, although, it is always fun to do that once in a while.

But it is very easy to treat yourself at least once a day without overspending or overindulging! Having a busy, hectic schedule can be hard to make time for yourself, but little lunch breaks or short drives to and from work can be the greatest opportunity to treat yourself!

Commuting to my university is very tiresome, especially with the long hours of impending traffic. I used to look at those hours of sitting endlessly and listening to the blasting car horns with agitation, but now, it is a time of the day I look forward to. You are probably wondering how on earth traffic can be fun. What I do is make a playlist for the day, and play that in my car. Having songs to sing along to makes time go by fast, and I soon forget I am sitting in traffic. Some days my playlists are loud and upbeat, and other days, I have classical music playing. Once I get to school, I am in a great mood and I hum away to music as I walk to my classes.

Whether at work, school, or home, lunch and snack time are what we always look forward to. It gives us a break from computer screens, lectures, and cleaning. Our minds have a chance to expand and breathe. This is another chance to easily treat yourself. Make special lunches for yourself. If you feel like a sandwich, then make one or go out to your favorite deli and have one specially prepared for you. Once you do that, you have just treated yourself and made yourself happy. Having something to look forward to, even if it’s what you are having for lunch, makes everything so much better.

Coffee is the way I treat myself. I must admit, treating myself to coffee is something I do quite often. But it makes me happy. Only going to school twice a week means long days that end late at night. I am exhausted before the day is half over. I used to drag myself through classes, week by week. Then coffee entered into my life. As a little treat, I will get a little coffee. It peps me up, and I am ready to continue throughout the day.

Coffee and music are only little ways I treat myself every day. These tiny things make me happy and give me something to look forward to. Perhaps taking a walk or going for a drive is a way you treat yourself once a day. Or cooking a special dinner or dessert. It can simply be watching a movie you have been wanting to see. The little things in life are what always count. Happiness is always waiting with open arms. So, every day, do at least one little thing that will make you smile. That will make you happy. That will make you have a little taste of paradise.

And you will see paradise is easy to find.

Words by Jacqueline Lindeberg // Photography by Bridgette Colleen Watson.

© 2015 Reef Magazine.


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