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6 DIY Costume Ideas

Listen While Reading: It’s Almost Halloween // Panic! At The Disco

Still wondering what to be for Halloween? Have you given up and decided to wear a shirt that says costume? Don’t worry we got you covered with some DIY costumes! However, if you decide to take the lazy route, don’t worry because we also got you covered! Get your costume shirt here.

Now on to the list…

Tacky Tourist – Don’t you love tourists invading your city on a daily basis? Why not dress like one? Pair up an oversized floral shirt (feel free to raid your dad’s closet) along with shorts or jeans. A hat, fanny pack, and a camera add an extra touch. Oh, and the socks with sandals is a MUST!

Deer – If you choose to be an animal for Halloween, dressing up as a deer is the way to go! This costume is one of the cutest, easiest and most original. There are many ways you can pair up your clothing for this costume. You can basically pair up a shirt with a skirt or jeans as long as they are brown. If you want to go the extra step or already own this piece of clothing in your closet, wear a brown fur vest. The factors that define your costume are definitely the  makeup and the antlers. If you’re not sure how to do your makeup for this costume, here’s a lovely video by one of my favorite YouTubers. For the antlers, there’s no need to buy them, simply go to your backyard pick two small pieces of branches and hold together with a headband.

Wednesday Addams – I think we can all agree Wednesday Addams is our favorite member of the Addams family. With her witty personality who wouldn’t want to be her for a day?  For this costume pair up a black dress with a white collar, along with knee-high black socks and black booties. Don’t forget to sport Wednesday’s signature pigtails!

Sushi – I love love this idea of a costume. Start by wearing all white. Whether it’s a white dress, or white shirt and a white skirt, it’s your pick. Next, grab a pink pillow and a black scarf and tie the pillow on your back. Wear chopsticks on your hair to accentuate your costume. (There’s always that one person who doesn’t get what you’re dressed as.)

Velma – One of my favorite costumes EVER. If you’re worried about splurging on this costume, don’t worry because it also makes for a really cute outfit to wear on a daily basis. Wear an orange turtleneck along with a brown suede skirt, knee-high orange socks, penny loafers, glasses, and you’re set!

Greaser – This has got to be the easiest costume to put together if you are part of the “my closet is full of black clothes” club. Simply pair up black high waisted jeans along with a black tank or t-shirt. Tie your look with a red bandana on your neck, a black leather jacket and of course, your favorite pair of converse.

Let me know in the comments which of these DIY costumes was your favorite! Much love Xx

Words by Grecia Villa // Photography by Edenn Yorks.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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