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For U

Our busy schedules have officially begun, our typical morning routines have now taken over and our cups of coffee have now become our life savers. Everyone is just always on the go. With school, work, sports, events etc. it is extremely hard to find some extra time for anything else. And when you do find some space in your calendar, you immediately fill it with a supper or a party with friends. Time is gold in our society and we seem to do something every second in order to not lose any of it. Let me tell you a secret, when you do nothing for a moment, you are not wasting time, you’re appreciating it.

I believe that one of the most important things in life is to take time for yourself. To be alone and completely let go of any stress you are living. To lay in bed and think. To reflect on yourself, on your values, your beliefs and your accomplishments. To lay there and appreciate the wonders of loneliness. People don’t always make the time for themselves, but having nothing to do on a Saturday night can feel like the most amazing peaceful moment. Lay outside and stare at the sky for a while or lay in bed with music in your ears, walk your dog and look how beautifully the sun is shining, make  yourself a delicious supper or take a long walk in the woods. Whatever you decide to do, do it alone and reflect on every single thing you believe in. 

So to that I say, breathe, stop and lay. Go on 8tracks select a calm and acoustic playlist and just think about yourself for once. The next time your friends call you up for a girls night, take a rain check. Stay home, watch your favorite movie and do nothing. I promise you won’t know how good it feels until you’ve tried it. Don’t be scared to take a breath to feel your pain. Don’t be ashamed to profoundly feel your happiness but most of all, don’t be scared to be alone and don’t be scared to like it. Our busy schedules have officially begun but find a space and use it wisely. Don’t waste it. Use it For U.

Thanks for reading xo 


Photography by Jade // Featuring Annabelle.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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