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I Fell for Fall

Listen While Reading: Autumn Leaves // Ed Sheeran.

Besides the fact that it has the best colour scheme of the seasons, fall is my favourite time of year because of the style attached to it. Until the temperature drops below zero that is. But before the winter can swoop in a claim my fingertips for frostbite, Autumn is there to warm up the atmosphere.

Suddenly, blacks become more inviting. Burgundy is not such a dark colour anymore. Bright reds turn to maroon and shift from neon to sombre. Everything from the clothes we wear to the scenery hears the shift in weather and adjusts accordingly. And when the leaves shift from green to orange and the drive home from school becomes a little more colourful, a steaming cup of tea seems to be the perfect way to end the day.

It is a conglomeration of both inside and outer warmth.

Teas come back into season, the perfect way to warm your slightly chilly hands, and dark lips overtake every girl’s make-up kit. They may be bold. The colours might seem intimidating any other time of year. But Autumn calls to the neutrals, the browns, the burgundies like the sun calls to the moon as they dance around the Earth.

It’s the season for restarting, for reflection, and for self-discovery. You can shed your summer skin, you know the one with the emotional baggage from a bad break-up, or recharge your nostalgia for leather jackets and the 1975. It’s a time of calm before the winter storm because the colours are neutral and embody the feeling of a somber moment. Almost as if the world becomes a little quieter for the season in order to relax the overly stressed nature of modern society, it’s like the world takes a big breath out after the hype of the summer.

The warmth of the leaves wraps its fingers around your bare forearms. Your wardrobe becomes slightly darker and your staples turn from crop tops to sweaters that could fit another you in them. You’ll raid your parents’ closets for them because you’re in the mood for comfort and style.

The cooler atmosphere of fall embraces you like an old friend, finally welcoming you home again.

Words by Sarah Sutherland // Photography by Juliette Bélanger.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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