Speckle of Our Words
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Coffeeshop Soundtrack

Listen While Reading: Love Like Ghosts // Lord Huron.

You say you still remember the look on my face the first time our eyes met. How I smiled at you and said “hello”. Every time you tell me this, I see a sparkle in your eye. You get so excited. I used to get excited too, I loved you so very much. Time passed and my feelings changed. I guess the sparkle in my eye has died while your eyes still glisten in the sunlight. I feel bad and I wish I could speak my heart. I wish I could tell you the truth.Because I still remember the song playing in the background when I first saw your brown curls. You told me it was your favourite song and somehow it became my favourite song as well. I remember the feeling I got when I heard the lyrics. Weeks and months followed and somehow you were always by my side. You would smile at me and say that you would cherish these memories forever. I would grab your hand and kiss your forehead.

Somehow your loving embrace is now suffocating me and I can barely breath. Whenever I hear our song, moments we spent together flash before my eyes, and all I can smell is coffee. It aches my heart because I know we will never be as happy as we were at that time. I will tell you that our worlds turn too fast and that I will remember our song. I know that the memory will fade and eventually your curls will look like shadows on your pale skin, but I promise you that I will never forget our song.

Words by Valerie Bogerd // Photography by Sydney Ferrara.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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