Speckle of Our Words
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Memories of You

Listen While Reading: She Moves // Alle Farben ft. Graham Candy

I find myself sitting in a cafe late at night after working for one too many hours missing him.
I want to sit in the driver seat of Daisy, my beat up tiny silver Honda and cruise down the highway with you by my side.
I want to feel free as I catch your mystical eyes watching my lips sing along to my favorite song, as if with every singing tune you fell deeper in love.
I want to feel young. Escape in your arms, get lost in the innocence of one kiss.
But you aren’t here anymore, just when I want you most. So instead I turned off the songs that made me think most of you. Because one day I will forget your laugh, and messy locks. And when that day comes you will simply be a song in my memory cruising dimly lit highway at night.

Words by Hannah D. // Photography by Cassi Harvey.


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