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Autumn Your Days

Listen While Reading: Georgia // Vance Joy.
One of the most beautiful seasons has come and coloured our streets and lives in different colours. Whether you prefer scorching summer days or warm spring nights, we all can admit that autumn has a lot to offer. From celebrating Halloween to picking different coloured leaves, everyone can find their autumnal spirit. But sometimes you get bored watching your favourite TV show over and over again and drinking hot chocolate. So, what to do when the outside of your window looks like a Monet painting but you’ve no idea what to get up to?
  • Get ready. Do your makeup and hair. There are only so many times when you can wear deep red lipstick and put sparkling brown eyeshadow on your eyelids. Go on Youtube and watch your favourite makeup gurus. I bet they have a lot of tips to make you feel autumnal. Besides playing with your hair and makeup is always fun, isn’t it?
  • Get dressed. Put your skinny jeans on, autumnal boots and fuzzy socks. Don’t forget your favourite, cosiest jumper and that big, fluffy scarf that’s been sitting in your closet the whole summer.
  • Make hot drink. Whether it’s tea, coffee or hot chocolate make what’s your favourite thing to drink and take it with yourself. Me and my friends have this tradition where we make tea at home and go out for a long, crispy walk and end up running on the paths covered by colourful, fallen leaves.
  • Get outside. One of the best things about autumn is the weather. So, get out the door and enjoy windiness and crispiness. Notice how cooler air bites your cheeks and nose. Listen how leaves crunch underneath your feet. Love it, cherish it.
  • Pick the leaves. When you’re walking outside, notice the leaves. What’s your favourite colour? Have you seen the cool shaped leaf? Pick them up. Bring them home and put in the books. You’ll be pleasantly surprised once you’re flipping through the pages during long summer nights.
  • Take pictures. Seasons are changing way faster than we can imagine. If the sun is setting nicely and sunbeams break beautifully through the colourful leaves, take a picture of it. Print it, put it in your journal, write about it. I can’t tell you how much you’ll appreciate it.
  • Decorate your room. Put the fairy lights on, light your favourite autumnal candle. It’s not too early to put spooky ghost garlands or that freaky laughing witch up. Make your room feel as autumnal as you want, make it as cosy as you can.
  • Organize a get together. Get your friends and make a nice evening in. Brew some tea, bake some biscuits or cupcakes. Watch your favourite Halloween films, order pizza, tell jokes or spooky stories. If you feel like you want to do more activities, do pumpkin carving competition. Who can make the spookiest? The most artistic? The funniest? Try yourself and your friends.
  • Enjoy it. Sometimes all it takes is having a nice night in alone, with your favourite hot drink and loads of blankets. Cuddle your pet or hug a fluffy pillow. Watch a film or a few episodes of a TV show. Have a nice, hot bath, take care of yourself. It’s autumn, be as colourful as it is or as relaxed as it can be. Have fun, be yourself.

Words by Goda K.  // Photography by Sydney Ferrara.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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