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The Night Routine

Listen While Reading: Holocene // Bon Iver.

There’s something about the velvet abyss of the night sky, the haunting sounds of the city crawling into my room that just puts me in the zone, getting my creative juices pumping. For some inexplicable reason it’s only at 3 am that the mystery of life reveals itself to me in all of its majesty; never during the day do I feel more like decluttering, organizing or creating than in the middle of the night. Before I know it, it’s 2:30 and I’m still hunched over my desk helplessly trying to balance chemical equations or decorate my journal with some kind of professional precision. Needless to say, that developing a consistent night routine has radically helped me prioritize and establish some regularity amidst the chaos of teenage life.

  • After a long, strenuous day at work or an endless studying session there’s nothing more soothing and refreshing for your mind and body alike than a quick yoga regime. I know, I know, it does sound like a chore, having to drag your sore muscles around, but in reality if you devote so much as a couple of minutes to stretching and focusing on your breath and mind, you’ll instantly feel the weight of the day’s concerns being lifted off your shoulders. My favorite routines are this and this because they’re both under 5 minutes long and can easily be practiced on your bed, no special gym gear or expertise needed.
  • Personally, I can’t officially call it a day until I’ve hoped into the shower; I honestly believe that dripping water has hidden healing properties. Every once in a while I like to make a small event out of my shower, taking extra time to light some candles, scrub my entire body, apply a cleansing hair and face mask, maybe use a bath bomb if I’m feeling extra fancy. Before I know it, peace has been restored.
  • Upon jumping out of the hot water, I like to lather my whole body with moisturizer and slip into my most comfy and soft attire- PJs! I then proceed to my night skincare routine. Since, by this time I’m ricking with exhaustion, I like to keep my regime minimal: Cleaning, toning, and moisturizing. Again, If you have some extra time, you can find countless all-natural homemade masks all over Pinterest to treat yourself.
  • Here comes my most anticipated part of the day dinner time! For me, lunch has always been the main meal of the day so I like to keep dinner light to digest and easy to prepare, whether that’s a salad, roasted vegetables or steamed rice. I like to really take my time to cook something hearty and filling and then peacefully sit and enjoy my food without any distraction, be it social media or homework, What I’ve learned is that you can never rest whilst multitasking, which not only exhausts your brain but also deprives you of the pleasure of fully appreciating each distinct stimuli-your taste buds be thanking you for sure!
  • With my belly full and my energy levels restored, I can now do enjoy some me time, My favorite ways of unwinding are watching a series/ movie (time allowed!), journaling or doing some pleasure reading but you can go with whatever flows your boat.
  • Before curling into my bed, I like to take some time to write on my bullet journal my goals and tasks that I must accomplish the following day. Must I go grocery shopping? Meet up with a friend? I write it all down so that I stay organized and don’t miss on anything important. If you aren’t familiar with bullet-journaling here’s a master post to help you get started.
  • Finally, thanks to Tatiana and her marvelous morning routine, I’ve discovered Headspace, now an integral part of my night ritual. I just follow the 10-minute program to meditate and clear my head, which has massively helped me with sleeping better and minimizing my stress levels.

Sweet dreams, Reefies!

Words by Emilia O.  // Photography by Juliette Bélanger.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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