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Autumn Lustlist (32 Things To Do This Fall)

Before you start reading listen to the Lumineers Slow It Down Live version, it’ll set you in the autumnal mood (yes that is a thing)

  1. Go Apple Picking
  2. Drink hot apple cider with spices
  3. Take a drive in the middle of October, put all the windows down, crank the heat up and watch the colors of autumn rush past your eyes.
  4. Sit in the park and read a book for two straight hours, relish the crisp air that bits at your nose.
  5. Listen to Coldplay
  6. Burn a musky candle
  7. Wear crimson colored cardigans
  8. Splurge on a new pair of fall boots
  9. Buy a Pumpkin Spice Latte, at least once
  10. Collect leaves and tape them up to your wall
  11. Watch Clockwork Orange and Hocus Pocus on Halloween
  12. Rot your teeth out with obscene amounts of candy
  13. Drink hot coffee
  14. Drink hot tea
  15. Sit by a burning fire with a giant blanket and a notebook
  16. Buy a new notebook with delicate leaves lining the cover
  17. Eat apples, apples with cheese and apples with peanut butter, especially the crisp ones.
  18. Wear a red bandana, around your neck, around your wrist, around your bag, it’s a flag for fall.
  19. Live in your Levis. Dance in them. Bake in them and get flour on your butt. Go hiking in them. Wear them until they are just as soft as your favorite blanket.
  20. Sleep with the windows open.
  21. Then wake up each morning and inhale the cover of fall.
  22. Eat an apple cider donut, I promise it taste like heaven.
  23. Watch Charle Brown’s Thanksgiving Special
  24. Oh and “You’ve Got Mail” if it happens to be on
  25. Daydream to Bon Iver
  26. Go for a hike, and holler at the sky when you reach the top
  27. Carve pumpkins and bake the seeds
  28. Repot your plants, they too need some new soil and fresh air
  29. Take a Polaroid of the leaves, it’s cool and trendy
  30. Run through a field of flowers (or just a field)
  31. Wear your leather jacket over everything
  32. Cut your hair, it’s time for a fresh start

Share your favorite things to do during fall below!

Words by Hannah D. // Photography by Sydney Ferrara.

© 2015 Reef Magazine



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