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Back On Our Groove

If you’re a true Reefie, you might have noticed our lack of posts.  We are deeply sorry if you have missed your daily dose of Reef. We have been on a bit of a hiatus, but are we back and better than ever! We know how much you all love fall, so be prepared because we have a lot of fall themed posts packed for you!


We are also excited to say that EVERY post published will be packed with a song for you to listen to while reading! Hopefully, you will all discover new music in the process <3

And finally….

We want to hear what YOU have to say. Yes, YOU reading this while drinking a caramel latte at your favorite coffee shop. Email us or comment below any articles you would like us to post and what new things you would like to see in the magazine.

Anything your heart desires.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Much love,

Editor in Chief Xx



  1. Yayy you guys are back. I totally love the your new idea, it absolutely would be great to read posts with nice music. Love and support you as I alwasy do! :)

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  2. I really appreciate the work you are doing and I love to read your articles! Maybe some features of inspirational persons or cool websites would be great! :)

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