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The Meaning Behind Your Clothes

Clothes are just clothes. But are they really? You wear your clothes. The clothes don’t wear you. But can they? The truth is, clothes are more than just clothes and your clothes are able to wear you. Most of us put on our clothes every day without actually thinking about what these articles of clothing truly mean to us deep down. But we all have that one item that means a lot to us. And there’s a reason why we hoard some of our old clothing and never manage to throw it out.

Our clothing shows a sense of self. I love learning the meaning behind people’s favorite t-shirts, jackets, necklaces, whatever it may be. Sure, we wear the things we wear to express ourselves and to show our style and personality. But sometimes we wear something because it makes us feel warm inside. Sometimes we wear something because it’s associated with one spectacular memory that we’ll cherish forever. Think about it. We all have that one item that means the world to us. What is it?

A t-shirt. Why do you wear that same old, beaten down t-shirt when you’ve got tons of brand new ones that you just got for your birthday? Maybe it’s because you were wearing this t-shirt when you met that one special person at your favorite café. You were wearing it when they accidentally turned around and spilled some of their coffee on you, and hell, that stain is STILL there! Why haven’t you thrown it away yet? Maybe it’s because every time you look at that stain, you remember that special (yet rather clumsy) person’s eyes bugging out when you gasped from the searing hot coffee touching you. And you remember how you’ve never seen anyone look so cute while muttering, “I’m so sorry,” over and over again.

A necklace. What’s the deal with that necklace you never ever take off? EVER? It’s getting a little rusty by now. But maybe it’s special. Maybe it belonged to your mom. And before it belonged to your mom, it belonged to your grandmother. It’s not really your style, but it’s part of who you are and it is part of your family. Mom and grandma even say it brings good luck. And you believe it because you found a twenty-dollar bill on your front doorstep the day after your mom gave it to you. The one time you took it off, you fell face down right in front of your potential love interest at the time AND found melted gum in your pocket the same day. So there’s no way you’re taking that necklace off, right?

A sweatshirt. An old hoodie that your best friend let you borrow and oops! You never returned it. But they don’t mind because that’s what friends are for. It’s old and there’s a hole forming in the pocket, but you don’t throw it away, nor do you give it back. Because maybe you can’t give it back. Maybe that person, who was your best friend in the whole entire world, isn’t around anymore. The reason why they’re not around anymore is definitely not to be talked about, but you miss them dearly. And maybe this old sweatshirt is the only thing you have left of them. It even still smells like them a little bit and it’s like being in their presence again. It would break your heart if something happened to this old sweater.

We all have it. We all have an attachment to some sort of item. Even though it’s not a living thing, we have these strong feelings for our clothes at one point in our lives, simply because we live our fondest memories while wearing these clothes. Our clothes are part of who we are.

I absolutely love hearing the stories behind what people wear. Do you have that one special item that you refuse to throw away? Why is it so special to you? I want to hear all about its story. Comment and share your stories, and don’t hold back! I’d love to read every detail.

All the love, xo



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