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How to Make Your Creative Idea a Reality

I always have a lot of ideas, with my interests being photography and writing, my brain runs a mile a minute, always in terms of the rule of thirds or (poetic slam). Everything I see, hear, think becomes an idea; and while it is wonderful when I get into the creative mindset, one of the biggest things I always struggle with is turning that idea into an actual product or plan. After years of planning out these awesome ideas but never following through I have finally been able to work on projects that I love!

I guess you could call my advice how to deal with creators block or how to get inspired, whatever you want to title it here are some ways to capture those great creative ideas you have and turn them into something great! Whether you have an idea for a painting, a new theme in your room, a super cool outfit, a photo shoot, a poem, or a dance piece here are some tips to get you started!

1. Write it Down

I always tend to have an idea for something and then I will forget it, so to make sure I don’t miss a thing, I always travel with a tiny little notebook. I still find comfort in being able to scribble down notes in pencil and see my handwriting. Even just jotting down ideas on your phone, whatever works for you!

2. Plan it Out

I know sometimes life gets in the way of finishing projects or even starting them at all. So try to plan out a little bit of time each week to work on something you are passionate about, really commit yourself to working on that idea or project.

3. Get the Supplies.

Go out and buy whatever it is you may need to complete your project, whether it be new music for choreographing a piece, some new paints, freshly sharpened pencils, film for your camera. Whatever it is I know sometimes I make the excuse of not having the proper materials to work with, but putting money and time into starting a project makes me more likely to work on it.

4. Create a Mood Board.

This is my favorite part of any creative process, I use my Tumblr page as my personal mood board for everything I like. When it comes to specifying a focus or theme to my project I will select images from Tumblr and print them out. Then I can create a collage on my wall, a little project in and of itself. I prefer to have carbon copies hung in my room that way when I’m in my room I can see them and they will remind me of what I want to achieve. Also creating a board on Pinterest is a great way to gather all your ideas electronically and have them on the go!

5. Get it Done.

When you finally take time off to create an actual piece, remember to focus on yourself, and enjoy the time you have alone creating something awesome. Be proud of yourself for accomplishing something beautiful and original! Make your creative work a priority!

6. Share It!

I know sometimes it can be tempting to hide your talent away and never share your work but please share it! Often people only have great things to say and there is no shame in hiding something you are proud of! Show it to family and friends and lastly don’t forget to send us some your work!

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Words by Hannah D. // Photography by Rebecca Anne.

© 2015 Reef Magazine



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