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Spontaneous Schedules

I have always been one to follow a neatly organized, step-by-step schedule that allows me to make the most of my time on a daily basis. When I can be sure that I am able to accomplish important things during the course of my days I ultimately feel content with the idea that I am actually doing something purposeful in my life. Lately, though, I have been experiencing spontaneous adventures that seem deliberately unplanned, solely focused on simply having fun all while wasting your time.

Normally I would be agitated with not having a set schedule that ensures I am making my life meaningful while singularly focusing on my responsibilities, but then suddenly it hit me; Am I really wasting my time by living my life adventurously & without constantly watching the hands on the clock move?

With summer comes a tremendous amount of leisure time. Some people deal with their leisure time wonderfully but others, such as myself, feel the constant pressure to be doing something constantly or else their time is wasted.

It has taken me years to finally understand that no matter what you’re doing with your time, whether it’s sleeping over at your best friend’s house, wandering aimlessly around the crowded city streets, or binge-watching your favorite TV series on Netflix, as long as you are doing something enjoyable with your time it can never be considered a waste.

If you have a similar mindset to my own that you’re trying your hardest to break free from the horrible habit, practice convincing yourself that not every minute of the day has to be consumed by actively doing something important. Let your mind & body take a rest from the stress, pressure, & burdens that school and/or work typically weighs down on your shoulders!

Words by Alexa N. //  Photography by Juliette Bélanger.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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