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Imperfect is Perfect

Too many times throughout the course of one day do I find myself constantly comparing myself to girls that I come into contact with: the one with the wicked green eyes who I passed by on the street, the one with the killer body jogging steadily around the trail, the one in school who can literally pull off anything she wears & look totally badass, & the one in the restaurant with her sexy boyfriend who is equally both sweet & romantic, forcing me to wonder what I have done wrong all this time to not have someone of my own to love.
Low confidence & low self-esteem issues are two very unfortunate yet frequent problems that can easily derive from the contradictory messages that today’s media is constantly sending out. Girls are given nearly impossible standards to live up to while simultaneously being told to “love the skin you’re in” & that the right thing to do is to always “embrace your inner and outer beauty” no matter what society has to say about it. This causes a girl’s mind to be in one place, mentally practicing the media’s corrupt step-by-step guide on “How to Become the Perfect Girl” in order to be whom society expects her to be.
Meanwhile her heart is in an entirely different place, wishing she wasn’t so afraid to express herself & that it was really “acceptable” to be the girl that she is.
Here is what the media doesn’t know: Every girl is intricately designed & beautifully different.
Here is what the media doesn’t want: Every girl’s mischievous rebellion against its awful beliefs.
Do not allow the power of the media to dictate how you go about living your life. You, the gloriously gorgeous girl who is reading this (hey, if you’re a boy reading this you have the right to embrace your beauty as well), are only obligated to be who you are. It is unacceptable to walk around every day comparing yourself to every person you pass by & it is most definitely unacceptable wishing that you could be them instead of yourself. 
Work on yourself for yourself, become a better person for yourself, & be who you want to be for yourself. Your own uniqueness brings into this world something far more valuable than that of which being a carbon copy of someone else ever could. If there is one thing I have discovered over the last few weeks it is that learning to love yourself can be hard if there are people around you who make you feel like you are not of any value. Although building yourself up can be a lot more work than tearing yourself down, in a world where it is so difficult to love yourself it is the most important thing to do, not for anybody else but simply for you. 
Your beauty is truly everlasting & your heart is pure gold & it would be a damn shame for anyone to waste a portion of your life not believing it. The media’s ugly lies will never compare to the beautiful truth stored within you.     

Words by Alexa N. //  Photography by Nicole Lewis.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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