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Hashtag Body Positive

A new trend has arisen on Twitter lately, and for once I actually agree with it. #Bodypositive has been circling around a lot more, as the trend grows and so does people’s positivity and acceptance of themselves. I’m going to make a wild guess, that most of you are aware of this trend but for those aren’t I shall elaborate. Girls and boys all different shapes and sizes on twitter are posting photos of themselves most the time with minimal clothing and captioning it ‘#bodypositive’. Every time I see another person using this hashtag I can’t help but smile, it’s such a beautiful thing to see people happy and content with themselves and their bodies.

Unfortunately, as normal there is always hate towards a new trend. And from what I’ve seen it’s mainly girls hating on this. Calling people who follow this trend ‘hoes’ or ‘begging for attention.’ As a feminist, this upsets me deeply. I cannot stand nor allow girls to bring down other girls. #bodypositive is promoting a healthy body image and expressing self-love. Which all of us could use, once in a while.

For far too long girls have been held up at gunpoint, if we aren’t the media’s idea of attractive. If we have hair in the ‘wrong’ place, and god forbid we ever get stretch marks on our bodies or acne, WHICH IS SOMETHING WE CANNOT HELP FROM HAPPENING. Stretch marks, acne, and body hair are all things everyone has to deal with at least one point in their lives. So why is it made into such a massive issue? Why do we let ourselves be scrutinised by other people, people who don’t even know us for who are on the inside? People do not know how much beauty our minds have.

This is why this hashtag/trend is so important. It’s embracing all things we are told are flaws which in reality they aren’t, we’ve just been conditioned into thinking we need fix ourselves as much as possible. And finally a social media trend is injecting this concept and spreading the love. Also, the media uses this a form of marketing with skincare, makeup etc. they are using your insecurities to make money. They make us think we need to be accepted by everyone when the only person who matters is you.

There are two types of acceptance, social acceptance and self-acceptance. If you had to choose one which one would it be? Self-acceptance. I hope and pray you picked self-acceptance. Because people will come and go in your life so it doesn’t matter what on earth they think of you, you have to live with yourself, you’re the only person who’s always going to be there. So doesn’t it make sense for you to accept yourself?

You. Yes, you reading this. You are worth all the self-love in the world. You deserved to feel empowered, strong, respected and equal. You are beautiful. Go to the mirror and go tell you yourself that, that may be cliché, but it can make a difference. You don’t me and or anyone else to tell you this. Because it all comes down to you, you’ll see it when you believe it.

Embrace yourself, embrace your fellow humans, embrace each other, and embrace this trend.

Words by  Holly J. Williamson // Featuring  Danica Mateo.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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