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Passionate Wings Of Emotion

Nostalgia is a funny thing. It ground us where we are, all the while granting our memories permission to flutter on wings in every direction. These passionate wings take our hearts on pre lived adventures, revealing to us the tumultuous life we once cherished. Happy days spent laughing, exploring new places, listening to the distant delight of forgotten youth bubble up inside. While moments of pure agony, heart in hand, hand in rocky shores, get put into perspective, reflected on, ultimately becoming nothing more than paper emotions.
Those times of reminiscence surprise me the most when I return seeking the refuge of my safe haven after a busy day. There’s something infinitely comforting about sitting alone in a dark bedroom, familiar belongings casting shadows into foreign lands, leaving a place for my imagination to flourish. It’s in this place I begin to seek, its within these walls I find my feet.
I recently returned from a 5-month road trip across New Zealand. Nostalgia creeps upon me often, and I find myself smiling at all the beautiful people I encountered, at the marvelous creation I breathed in. I try to remember every bump in the road, and on bad days it softens my heart to remember the good times I had. Enjoying night swims in the soft ocean, hiking up beautiful mountains before the sun breaks high, baking hot cookies to the soft beat of the 1975…
Life is a roller coaster, constantly ripping our souls up and down one day at a time. But without bad days we can’t fully appreciate the beauty of good one’s. So experience the world, make new friends, and don’t be afraid of nostalgia. It only reminds us of how blessed we are, what happiness we have achieved and how far we have come.

Words by Marie Verheul // Photography by Ashley Sharma.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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  1. cheekykiki00 says

    I love the words Marie writes! Shes like my favourite author on here, please keep posting her words! xx

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