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Cult Classics

It’s the middle of the summer. Your hair detests the heat, your lips are chapped, and you have absolutely no motivation to go to the gym and get sweatier than you already are. In short: Your summer isn’t quite turning out the way you planned.

You’ve yet to have spontaneous adventures with your best friend, your job is hardly anything to rave about, and living back home after a year at school is taking its toll. You find yourself daydreaming about the movies you watched when you were younger and can’t help but think, “If only my life was like that”. Sure, you have stories to tell, but you know they aren’t as cool as the plots of Easy A or The Breakfast Club.

John Hughes didn’t direct your life, unfortunately, nor do you have your own version of John Cusack holding a boombox outside your window. And though your life will never be the sun-drenched Polaroid with The 1975 playing in the background, watching some cult classic films can make your life feel pretty darn close to it.

Here is a list of summer cult classics to get your mind off the heat:

1. A Walk To Remember (2002)

2. American Psycho (2000)

3. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)

4. The Breakfast Club (1985)

5. Clueless (1995)

6. Dead Poets Society (1989)

7. Girl, Interrupted (1999)

8. Holes (2003)

9. It’s Kind Of a Funny Story (2010)

10. Mean Girls (2004)

11. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (2009)

12. Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

13. The Outsiders (1983)

14. Sixteen Candles (1984)

15. Thirteen Going On Thirty (2004)

Words by Sarah Sutherland // Photography by Juliette Bélanger.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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