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Embrace Yourself

We have so much information about our surroundings, the world, the people. We look in the mirror and find that the person in front of us is nothing like the person on the cover of the Vogue. We study strangers on the street, their appearance, their manners. We print out pictures of our idols, hang them on the wall and try to figure out what it is that makes them so special. Everyone craves acknowledgment, compliments, satisfaction. We all have our flaws and we think that people don’t see us as a whole, we decide that all they see in us is the spot on the right cheek or the crooked nose. But we are so much more than that.
It hurts to see how young girls, barely eighteen years of age get breast implants or the nose job. The pressure of being the girl from the magazine, of having the thin body, massive thigh gap and no body hair what so ever, is making young people insecure and unhappy. Nowadays society cares about beautiful people and how well they can do their makeup. Teenagers are obsessed with looks and find it unbearable if their complexion doesn’t match the people from the runway. The truth is, we all have our flaws. We all have things we’d change if we had a chance. Whether it’s your eye colour or shape of your nose, it’s something that makes you insecure, makes you cover your face while laughing or taking pictures. I can’t say that I don’t support people who are brave enough to get plastic surgery. If that what makes one happy, it is what one should do. But more times than not it’s unnecessary and unhealthy. As hard as it is in today’s society, embrace yourself.
Cherish you for who you are. Understand that all people have fat on their arms and legs. You are not supposed to have clear skin, either. Spots, blemishes, discolouration is humanly thing as well. Most importantly, don’t compare yourself to others. No one has your heart, your mindset, no one has your inner world. Such temporary things like looks shouldn’t be that important or make you feel bad about yourself. The next time you sit in the cafe drinking your favourite beverage, notice people. But look for uniqueness. Examine the crooked nose the waiter has and think to yourself that you’ve never seen that before. Look at the freckles of the person sitting few tables away, realise how much the sun loves that human being. Understand that just like them you have your unique look and you are not supposed to fit in with the girl from the magazine cover. The true, happy version of yourself is the best version you can be. Strive to defeat “social norms” for unrealistic weight or the certain length of hair.

Words by Goda K. // Photography by  Johanna Mariel.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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