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Clear Skin Before the Weekend

So it’s Wednesday. You have that party, date or event this weekend and you want to look damn fine. The problem, your skin has gone crazy!

A lot of skin care products promise you results within hours. Often, these are costly and really don’t give you the desired results. There remains, however, some truth in the claim that you can get on top of those breakouts before the weekend, and wear that dreamy skin to your desired event.

This article aims to work as a week long detox program for troubled skin. This was my personal remedy, whereby my friends and flatmates were noticing my progress after just day one!

Firstly, reduce sugar from your breakfast. As much as you swear by your daily coffee, this could be the source of your breakouts! The coffee itself is quite good for the skin, I swear by the frank body scrub. However, this extra dose of caffeine-loaded liquid is not the sort of energy your skin is craving in the morning. As an alternative, green tea is incredible for the skin. Green Tea can kill all sorts of bacteria, leaving you feeling detoxified and fresh.

Secondly, cut out processed snacks. It is really easy to take a processed chocolate bar and soft drinks when they are so much cheaper than healthy snack options. These can contribute to your stress levels and pack your body full of sugars. Three ultimate pimple fighting foods that work for me are walnuts, carrots and whole grains. Walnuts are packed with healthy fats that your skin craves. Carrots give you a radiant and healthy glow, while whole grains, such as whole-grain crackers are a good source of dietary fiber.

Thirdly, step up your skin care routine. While an oil free cleanser may seem like the way to go, this can be entirely incorrect when you have a face full of breakouts. Oil-free cleansers may strip your skin of all of the oil, rather than just excess oils. Your skin can then produce more oils to compensate for the natural oils it is losing. Instead, I suggest using a natural, all in one cleanser. Lush has some incredible products, ‘herbalism’ and their face mask ‘catastrophe cosmetic’, have been absolute winners for me in the past.

Furthermore, drink water and sleep, a lot. A model once told me that before a facial product shoot, the model is usually not using the product she is advertising. Generally, she is advised to drink 2L of water a day and sleep 9 hours each night. This alone is what gives her that glowing radiant skin (underneath a natural layer of makeup of course!)

Finally, the most common cause for breakouts is not what you are eating but your hormone levels. Try to avoid stressful activities by keeping on top of your life activities and rest when you can. Ensure you are doing an adequate amount of exercise and take time out for yourself.

It is also a good idea to put a fresh set of bedding on your bed. When we sleep we sweat and shed skin. These things can become embedded in our pillowcases or sheets, making for one unhygienic experience after a few weeks.

After following these steps strictly for a week, you should notice a huge change in your skin. Remember, if you have acne or any other skin condition, these can not be solved by mere lifestyle changes. Acne and other common skin problems are infections which often require antibiotics to treat. The lifestyle changes I have suggested merely combat breakouts, and also help to prevent acne from reappearing.

Now go wear that glowing skin with pride!

Words by Rebecca Dewar // Photography by Danica Mateo.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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