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Choosing the Path Less Traveled

There are many times in life when we arrive at a crossroads.
These crossroads lead to choices, to decisions, which inevitably have the power to change the course of our lives. I’m not talking about what flavour ice cream you want with your cheesecake (but if in doubt raspberry. always raspberry.) I’m talking about the eternal questions. The seemingly never-ending array of paths, inevitably leading us from beauty to ashes.
I am a lover of choosing the path less travelled, of unashamedly putting my deepest desires ahead of what other people think. Unwanted opinions can destroy even the best of us. It takes a true strength of character, vision and determination to value what really matters in life and pursue it with all that’s within. Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder that it’s okay to be different, its okay to celebrate diversity. Our souls were carved for particular destiny’s, and looking around at identical fresh faced young girls can seem such a tragic waste of a beautiful generation. The world we live in is so much more creative than we give it credit for, so embrace those talents, adopt the confidence needed, make your dreams take centre stage. Life is full of colour and opportunities, drama clubs to explore, cello concertos to discover, poetry recitals to indulge… these are infinitely more fulfilling than burrowing in the comfort of a dark bedroom.
Create your own destiny, prove to yourself that success is more than just numbers on a page, define the paths you travel down and let your delight be the sole anchor to your adventures.

Words by Marie Verheul // Photography by Emma Lenhart.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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