Speckle of Our Words
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Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up.
Never give up.
Pursue your dreams with every ounce of drive in you.
Even when the tears start to fall from the years that have gone.
Don’t give up.

You see that goal.
What you want; your future self.
Even when the world comes crashing down next to you, don’t give up.
Never give up.

Don’t give up on yourself because I promise you are worth it.
Every cent.
Every breath.
Every aching bone.
You are worth.

Don’t give up.
Those people who tore you down.
Ripped your heart apart
Do it for them.
Never give up
Because despite those jarring words of hate.
You can do it.
You will do it.
So don’t give up.

When the road seems empty and there’s nothing left to give, keep going.
I promise you.
One day you will forget about the hearts that burned you and the words that scarred you.

Big or small.
Simple that it may be.
Don’t give in.
Never give up.
Worth every tear.
Every damn fucking tear.

Do not give up
Because you will regret what you don’t.
Not what you do.

Don’t give up.
Never, let go on the dreams you hold so very fast too.

To soon very soon.
You will fall.
But get back up.
You deserve to fight hard enough;
for those dreams you dream but can never touch.
One day you will know your dream. You will feel it in your skin. Breathing through your bones.

Don’t give up.
Never give up.
But remember the journey.
You traveled from within.
It will take you far.

Don’t give up my darling.
Please never give up.

Words by Hannah D. // Photography by Ashley Sharma.

© 2015 Reef Magazine


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